Hipster Squad looking for 8-10 players

Looking for 8-10 players to fill out a strong alliance. We kill 10 star titans daily but want to start hitting bigger titans. War is optional but we have a strong group of core members who do well in wars. 10 members on line but not mandatory



Are you still looking for a possible merge?
If so, please contact me at:

Ice Saber

I’m part of a small family of alliances looking to fill. Fun, active, experienced, stable. Hope to hear from you soon. :grin:

We are still looking to fill out our squad. How many do you have in your alliance? What’s the alliance name?

We have 2 alliances. Both with around 20 players. If you are on the line app, we can share more there. :grin:

:snowflake: :crossed_swords:

It’s kicker1169, shoot me a message

Done! Sent a pm on line.
Hoping we can find common ground.


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