Hints, Tips, Advice and Guidance

My new alliance is setting up a Discord group for out of game chat.

They want to set up folders to help new players with advice, guidance, Training, hints and tips. And they have asked me to help out with setting it up and populating the folders.

So my question for you alliance leaders and co-leaders etc that already have established chat rooms such as Discord, Line, Telegram, Facebook etc…
What do you think is best to include in the folders, what would be most useful to both new players and experienced players.

Thanks in advance.


This isn’t a folder, but it’s a wonderful tool.

I enjoy servers with separate folders for war hit recordings, Titan hits and raid videos. Those are always fun to watch and learn from; with the added benefit of encouraging players to share.

I also appreciate an After Dark/NSFW folder. It’s nice to be able to opt in to that kind of content instead of being surprised by it.


Individual channels for each member to post their roster

Casual chat so your game chat doesn’t get cluttered