Hints Path of Valor is just the first "Path" in a routine

Nothing such as this was suggested, but - it makes perfect sense SG will check one event - and continue if it is successful (right now, it seems it gets wide acceptance. Can’t tell about revenues).

  • It is rather generic by nature. There is no real problem running it over and over again (with slight variations)
  • The themed color is blue => often mentioned as the first elemental color. Most likely next “Path” will be red.
    • Another hint: Free Ascension mat is for Blue heroes. Premium mat is for Red heroes.
  • The themed class is Barbarian => often listed as the first class in trials, etc. Most likely the next will be Cleric.
  • Why make the event 50 days long? just a round number? Months are 30 days, but not always - so this can allow running over 2 months (doubling potential VIP revenue), with a few days break.
    • Also possible - this would be once a quarter. not sure. The “Battle Pass” model is common in Fremium games and often runs as a tight routine.
  • It seems noticeable development effort was invested; It has little business sense running it only once.

Therefore, I speculate there will be five “Paths” (one per color), where the themed class is crosscutting. Each running every 2 or 3 months.

Other ideas?


I’m not sure what you’re asking — do you just mean, “will they run another Path of Valor again in the future?”

If so, the answer is most certainly yes.


That was the idea, speculating - but I guess it will name it a bit differently, e.g. “Path of Heroism” + the missions and rewards will slightly evolve over time.

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Yes, based on HOTM rotation color, it will be: Blue, Red, Green, Yellow and Purple
Current AM Blue (Scope) and Red (Ring), so next AM will be Red (Ring) and Green (Tonic).


I think it because 2 event challange should included in Path Valor.


As it is called “Path of Valor I” in the game, I’m certain that there will be more.


Or, since it is SG, they called it like that just to screw with us and there won’t be any Path of Valor afterwards. You may never know …



This will be the first of many paths to take

I think this is a one & done deal guys…just like that one gigantic gem offer that will never again appear.


Has feedback been pretty negative?

Dont know for you guys but I like it.


Its been mixed… There isn’t a “feedback poll” or anything on the Path of Valor thread so it’s hard to gauge the full reaction of the forum… There have been some noisy persons who complained about it but in game I’ve seen mostly positive feedback about it being a new spin on the same-old-same-old grinding.


I like mostly everything except the lack of EHT for FTP. I think 1 would have been nice, 0 feels a bit sad lol

The titan challenge will be challenging but interesting. But it’s made some of us feel like we have to save our flasks and not bother pursuing the odd 12*


Ofcourse will not be soo easy but it something new and different, the game needed that.


A key point to remember is that nobody knows for sure what the locked challenges are, and why on earth should we, that’s all part of the challenge to look forward to. Will it be easy to complete or difficult? Should we spend resources or save them? Who knows? It’s a challenge! It’s also a game and game = fun so let’s rock and roll.


I suspect they’ll keep the name in order to avoid confusion about the Valor Pass and such, but I’m sure the rewards and Challenges will vary.

We already know from Beta that there are other Valor Challenges that were programmed and aren’t in this Path of Valor, so I’m sure we’ll see some of those in the future, likely along with new ones, too.

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Weird, in my game the free mat is rings, which is Red, and the premium is telescope, which is Blue.


Same here. Telescope is the top paid reward and Rings are free. I think that the 3 star ascension items are the other way around- warm cape is free, hidden blade is premium- perhaps that is the confusion.

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Oh, also, by the way:

Just to be clear that we don’t really need to read “hints” — it was explicitly stated in the official announcement that it’s the first, which means more to come.


Next one will be called the “Path to the Hero Academy” …except it takes you to a white Van in the deep woods with “CANDY” painted on the side :wink:


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