Hint - keep your bones and buy SMP (Small Mana Potions)

Knowing harpoons will require bones to craft, and having seen that there is a new daily hunter deal offer in the shop, a good plan is most probably to keep the bones to craft Harpoons, and wait for the daily deal that will offer a big bundle of small mana potions.

Here are picture provided by someone who sped up his SH21 build time


Sorry @Rigs and @Garanwyn I don’t know who shares this from your team lol. Hope it’s allright

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Yes I also mention in beta discussion, alternative for high level is Super Mana (craft lvl 17).
Although Super Mana has no synergy with Tornado.
Also worth mention seeing the matrix:


Why buy stuff you can just farm and save?
There was a reason why they introduced Atlantis rising before hunters Lodge

While you farm and save, you don’t craft small mana potions. Small mana potions is my key item for big Titan Damage, like many others. Before, it has never been an issue : use all bones and ropes, craft tons of SMP : get massive hits on titans.

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I am fighting 12* Titan and am among the top scorers, so saving isn’t a big burden.

Also you don’t need to sacrifice all your baby Mana for harpoons assuming your team shares equal burden. I average 13 baby Mana per day farming, you need a Max of 5 per day if you fighting 12* Titan

Are the numbers in the box under the titan the number of harpoons needed for parts to drop?

it seems like there are harpoon damage tiers.

My guess is each filled harpoon tier increases the amount of Titan parts that will drop.

Also, the higher the Titan level, the more harpoon hits it takes to fill each tier

Glad Atlantis rises is in a few days.

Time to stock up!


It was me and yea it’s public knowledge

U can only take 5 harpoons per fight btw

So minimum of 4 flags if one person wants to use 17(what I’m doin now until teammates finish upgrades)


My suggestion is to not go crazy after harpoons, use your materials as you wish.
All the harpoon system is quite demanding on resources.

Just craft for 1 or 2 per titan.
What you get is not worth what you spend.


The clean cloth is by far my most limited resource of those three at ~1500ish. I’ve got around 3k bones and insanely more herbs.

Only shot at gettin those titan parts

Gotta make the most of it

Sure we could just do 1 or 2 per titan, we could also aim for no more than 10* titans and c grades as well, but not really my thing


Any ideas why I don’t see a harpoon tier bar on our freshly spawned Titan?

This. None of the shop crafted items should be purchased by a knowledgeable player, ever. Who says so? Math, that’s who.

If you are a higher level, World Energy flasks will give you far more materials overall and are a better value if you must purchase something. And now with Atlantis Rising, even more so.

Those 400 gems (200 minor healing pots offer) will get you 100 minor healing pots (for ~20k food after the farming reward), almost 400 recruits, and dozens of other kinds of other better goodies if you purchase flasks instead and auto-play S1 8-7. This is assuming ~36 world energy. During Atlantis Rising, you’ll get even more not to mention ~100 backpacks!

Edit: Is Atlantis Rising this week or next? Wasn’t sure with June 30 falling on a Sunday. Forgot the event timer rules. Thursday before the last weekend of the month?

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Just guessing here, but perhaps if no one in your alliance has a Hunter’s Lodge, then there’s no harpoon bar? Doesn’t make a lot of sense, but it’s possible.


Last Atlantis, I got 175 backpacks, there were none left after about 7 days. Also right now recruits aren’t a problem, I have a TC11 backed up to about 150days. In this regard, I would very very gladly pay 400 gems to solve my mana potion problem for a heck of a while. Would also allow me to stop holding back on them on my Titan hits (by fear of running out) and improve my Titan Damage

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Would be the most probable explanation

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I’ve never been able to build up that kind of a storage of anything. My TC11s and 20 are always hovering around 10 days. I started playing just before last Halloween. Almost 3000 rugged clothes wanting to be burned.

I use 60% mana potions on progression Titans. The others don’t really matter. Our top 10 members, including my 3, deal 75% of the damage on farm Titans. Minor mana potions take too long to use, I’d rather have those 6 seconds.

I had 3000 rugged cloth last january, as of today there is zero left :confused: . When you start burning through them it goes really fast, and once you’re out of rugged clothes, recruits start to accumulate

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