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Hey guys. A comment in another thread has me wondering how widespread the desire for super creeps are.

So let’s find out!

  • Every new hero release should be continually more powerful than the previous

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  • All heroes should be as closely balanced as possible to maintain diversity

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Another words, a power creep is to be expected and acceptable but not a power leap or jump?

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Just continual evolution with every new hero.

So… the first option, by this time next year
All heroes, including Telluria, are obsolete.

The second option, we try to maintain balance

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For me, this is just a little too black and white to vote. The choice for me is more in the grey areas between these two extremes.


I can add a third. How would you have me phrase it?

but, I have to ask :slight_smile:
Why is “balance” such an extreme option?

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Accept some power creep in new heroes while keeping older heroes at least relevant?

I don’t think every hero needs to be equal. I also don’t think that next year’s heroes should obsolete this year’s.


Balanced isnt the same as Equal…

And tbh this Thread is useless, cause SG will never FOCUS in Our oppinions.

The Ideal is, that every Unit has some Benefits to use it that means balanced.

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“Release one imbalanced hero every so often, and try to keep balance with the rest”

Is this right?

How about… “Release one 6* hero annually and try to keep balance with the rest”

A good example is JF. Pre-buff he was a killer and way OP. Post-buff he was reduced to being average (balanced with all the other good-to-average heroes). I think the buff was a bit too much and I don’t find JF as intimidating to face as GM. Mind you I currently have no answer to Telluria so that synergy I haven’t dealt with very much.

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Whatever, just leave it as is and I just won’t vote.

If heroes aren’t even attempted to be balanced. Then the whole * system is kind of worthless.

SG is about making $$$$

The funny thing is I just pulled Guin the previous challenge event and was jacked up about that. The issue I had was our alliances was using a purple tank and I had Joon with the costume which isn’t a problem but a dilemma.

After reading the beta on Telly, I was gonna get her one way or another.

This AS, I’ll give 3 30 shots at GM. After that, I have absolutely no need to pull for Ursana, the HoTM for June or any other tank as I’m just waiting for Mats for Jabberwalk for that line up that everyone is complaining about who I will level before Clarissa who should be damn good also

It’s out of balance now. A power creep is fine but not a leap

I know that, this Game is heavy p2w direction, but not really rewarded at the Top, so if people really wanna hunt every Month for new Toys its their Choice.

I just said what an Ideal Situation would be and to be truth, this Threads that popps Daily off are a Nightmare with random Discussions and Votes, the truth is we cant decide which way they go but we as the Player can choose if we want spend all the Money with an Endless Circle.

There is a reason why People Quit and why Top 1% is bored, cause the Game is Static with low Variety.

Please… it takes so long to level up heroes.

It takes so long to have 6 war flags full of 5* heroes.
2 years later and this is still not the case for me!

Please…don’t make my hotm pulls useless. I was so excited to see Musashi and Alaise. They made me happy.

And soon they are obsolete? Why, because I was loyal and played this game for a long time?

Please don’t do this…


Bert’s right we can’t decide which way they go. But it’s worth it to stick around and see.

Especially if you’ve spent money in the past!
I can’t believe the developers would support the idea of making the money folks spent yesterday: de-valued, or even worthless tomorrow

No please…

What make this game so great and keep players:
Where is the paywall?

Before you can spend a little or no money and play for a long time and develop a hero set. And if you want you can raid hard and make it to the top list

I have but don’t stay long because emblems and less heroes and the attacks multiplied. But it is nice to take screenshot and show friend in line.

So now opposers say I am not good enough and must stay in platinum.

Now a paywall and boring for everyone. I don’t understand why

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This is ridiculous wording for a survey.

Would you rather kill all dogs or love them unconditionally and provide them safe and loving homes.

Give me a break.


Kill all dogs? I’m not good with English but what I read is that new heroes are stronger and stronger.

This is also what I see happening. It seems accurate to me friend. Using your language like ridiculous seems out of place

Wow sorry. It’s my first poll. I tried to be neutral. I would appreciate some criticism for improvement. I’m pretty sure I screwed the buttons up.

It fine lol. I learned right away about these forums that 40% of the population is driven by pure emotion and 100% of the population are experts! :yum:

Definitely pick your battles here

This broken raid button feels worth digging into to me, glad I’m not alone

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