Highest team power (TP) possible — including Emblems and Troops

Have a watch of this.


Thanks for the video! Unfortunately I don’t see anything inside that I didn’t already know. guess without buying tickets it is impossible to reach XP level 100 that fast. from 85 XP level to 86 it will take at least 1 1/2 months with tickets and gamble away world energy every day. Play around 400 tickets every month and every day to the end of world energy, even though it lasts 1 1/2 months. at 122 XP level I think there is something wrong with it. or you buy a world energy replenishment for 100 jewels and play an easy stage over and over again for 24 hours on automatic.

Well ask @JekylandHyde and see if he can give any more information for you. Good luck on yall mission.

East stages do not often give very good XP per flag. I mostly farm S3/1/3 Hard for XP. Sometimes 1/17/1. They are the fastest places for me to get XP. They are no the most efficient for XP per flag or for XP per loot ticket.

I am still leveling about once every 7-8 days. I should be at level 127 on Tuesday.

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And how many loot tickets do you use in the week that you need to level?

I generally only use Loot tickets during AR weekend.

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This comment says much more about your character than mine.


Quintus C has now 10 points less than before, but the Ninjas and some classic costumed heroes (Sartana, Elkanen, Azlar) are now on 798. So the cap is still 4840. (798+100+70)*5 - but now you can have a rainbow def :smiley:

Hasn’t anyone leveled a Ninja troop yet? Do they give 1 point per level like the other troops?

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I know someone found higher but came across this team today. Took me a couple tries but finally beat them with a different team than the one in the photo. Pretty proud of myself.
I used Drake19, Rigard1, Ursena20, Sif17, and Poseidon17

The +20 Odin he had was impressive as well.

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