Highest team power (TP) possible — including Emblems and Troops

The highest team power possible is 4725

The highest power a hero has at max so far is 775, so a team of 5 775 heroes is 3875
Emblems max out at 20 and they each give a flat 5 power each, so that adds 100 power per hero to 875 and 875 x 5 = 4375

However when calculating total team power, you can’t just add all 5 hero powers because there is a value for each TROOP.
I found exactly what is used to get the additional power each troop adds to team power, it is:

1*=10+troop level
2*=20+troop level
3*=30+troop level
4*=40+troop level

So a 4* level 8 troop = +48, a 1* 1 is +11, a 3* 3 is +33, etc…
(for reference see CP Calculation thread)

4* troops can go to level 30, so 40+30=70, 70x5=350, 4375+350=4725 which is the highest possible power a team can have.

However the most emblems I have seen on a 5* is 7. This is due to emblems only coming out 6 months ago and needing 1500 emblems to get a hero to 4/80+20 (thats a lot, considering its only like 505 emblems to max a 4* and 233 to max a 3*).
Also, most 5* heroes are lower in power than 775 at max, which are the last round of season 2 heroes like Poseidon. The lowest power a 5* has at max are from the classic heroes which at lowest is 752.


Wow… This was very interesting and informative. So maybe in 2 years high diamond will be 4500+ TP. :slight_smile:


Considering costumes now - I used the basic score and added the maxed costume score up:

With maxed costume, Lianna and Richard have 795 power, Vivica 796 and Quintus is the highest with 798.

Assuming 5 Quintus, this should add (798-775)*5 = 115 to the 4725 - so we are at 4840 max TP now - we’ll see what costumes and highest power comes next :smiley:


Since emblems came out, I’ve been trying to calculate the maximum team power a defense team could have.

I had a rough guess of 4700:

If you max out emblems at 20, team power here is 4696.

I noticed elsewhere that Lianna’s costume added 40 points to her individual power, but I don’t know what the maximum team power would be with costumes added.

Any good guesses?

4690 now, maxed beyond 4.7k.

Costumes just close a gap for classic heroes, there are already newer heroes with higher stats.

Theres a clip against this team. My attackers were 3 epics, so no need to cry.

>> KLICK <<

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Are you sure? What HOTM/event heroes have power above 790 without emblems? S1 heroes with costume have power above 790 without emblem, which mean fully emblemed will be above 890.

Addition - maximum TP for 3* heroes

5 Hawkmoons, with maxed costume and fully emblemed would bring 568 TP + 70 for the troop (4*) = 638 * 5 = 3190.

(Max All 3-star team - #6 by AngelOfDark666)

4* with 4* troops:
5x costumed Rigard (681 + 100 for talent grid + 70 troop power = 851) * 5 = 4255


This is the first 4700 team I’ve seen and was wondering how much further the game may evolve past this point? Maybe into the 5k region? I know team power isn’t an the prime indication of strength, but as heroes are released and progressed do you think teams like these will become the norm or will SG cap how much “power” a team has?

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Norm for who? P2w Yes, the rest No.
Everyone has a league to play so no worry.

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Raided and lose to that Pennywise monster yesterday. Managed to killed Ursena, Joon and GM but thats all about it. Finley wrecked my less than +10 emblem team…sigh!

I saw one player having this TP


I have seen a 4800 as well when rerolling for raids but, I rerolled too quickly to make a snapshot.

I was not the one facing this team but saw the video on Youtube. This team looks downright nasty. I would love to know how much money was spent summoning/creating this one.

Screen Shot 11-07-20 at 12.18 PM

Today I saw a team with the 5 ninjas, all maxed +20 and troops 29. TP 4835, so I guess the maximum is 4840.


I’ve faced this guy a few months ago…

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Close to the maximum:

4807 Team Power with 20 emblem and level 30 troops. My Last team power update.

I saw Fat chicken Ninja team 4831 :rofl: and You can see the fight in YT if I’m aloud to post the link in here


would like to know what the ninjas cost you. I spent over € 200 and it wasn’t a 4 star ninja. then I know a good friend who got 2 ninjas with just a few conjuring coins. is there a trick to conjure up?

and how do I get so much XP level over 100? is there a trick too? I’m only at 84 XP level and I play for 24 hours. then I use tickets, but I still get close to 100 XP level. play the game every day since 05.2017. there was not a day where I left world energy full.