Highest level player you've seen?

any @tagon here to share how he can anchieve such as high level? is he playing the game 24 hours?


Think they are using some form of macros. No one can grind as much as that


What do they do? Buy loot tickets and flasks to use in valhalla and atlantis? Even then I don’t know if the rewards would justify it. How does this work?

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Not sure which the oldest alliance is, but I’m sure not a lot of active alliances (or players) can beat this.


this guy is now 207. After I leveled to 81 he was 201. An alliance member said to me I’m only 120 levels behind. Now he is 207 and I’m still 81 :joy: :rofl: :joy: :rofl: :slightly_smiling_face:


From my understanding some people are buying WE refills all day everyday and farming nonstop for XP. I think it’s possible but I don’t know how anyone does it.


I don’t understand what people get out of this.

extra roster space is slow in coming after the first few levels and the experience requirements for upping levels increase as levels are upped.

This is from the fandom article on “player” with yellow dots added for each time experience per level requirement breaks into the next 100k bracket.

It would take many thousand !? xp for a level 200 player to up a level. What’s the point?


Might not be one guy. Might be a team operating the acount round the clock. Always buying WE and loot tickets with the sole purpose of gaining experience. The account is almost twice the level of the closest followers, something tells me it ain’t regular farming fueling it…


Have any of these people finished season 5 yet?

@JekylandHyde Could you explain how he get level so fast even faster than you ? I know you do auto-run in S4 hard mode for 12 hours a day but I am completely have no idea how does he level faster than that :joy:


what I also want to know is, what’s such a high-level player doing without any LBed heroes on defense team… yet they are +19/+20…

I’m not sure what device/app is used, but from what I understand he is speeding up the phones timing to make the game player faster so it races through level. I have a video of it that someone sent me. As far as I know it violates the user agreement. (Hit me up on Line if you want to see the video)

Myself and @Red_Nax_Ela are the 2nd and 3rd highest level players and have done extensive research on the amount of XP per minute that can be attained and there is simply no way that it is possible to raise XP that fast within the parameters of the game—even if it were possible to farm 24/7.


@JekylandHyde Thank you.

Could you tell me your Line ?

And could you post the video and blur some part if it is needed ? It will be easier if many people want to see the video.


I would like to see this video.

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I’m not uploading a video to my YouTube that possibly violates the Terms of Service :slight_smile: and I don;t think I can upload a video directly into this forum. Or can I?


Send me a message on LINE: JekylandHyde

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You can upload it as “unlist video”. You may the blur player name in order to avoid violation. Then paste the link here. So the only player here can see the video.

Depend on the size of the video.

The imgur limit at 60 second.

If it is larger than that, you can upload to some where else that have less restriction like vimeo or dailymotion

Or just upload here

You don’t have to “sign in” but video will stay only for 60 days before it is delete. But 60 days are more than enough. I will download it and up load to some right place.

When you upload without login, it will appear like this. Click link in the circle.

For example this video, (This video will be delete in “4 Sep 2022” )

And 19 days later we can see this player in today’s top 10 leaderboard:

I can’t imagine this endless grinding… every… single… day.

That user now sits at 208. Also, the amount of money needed to keep refilling the WE flags is insane.

222 now…