Highest emblem tier 5* who has it?

Hey guys ! Out of curiosity I was wondering if any player has a 5* sitting on level 8 tier on talents? I know 8 tier is 125 emblems (woof!!). I just got my Aegir to 7 but maybe someone has got crazy luck with emblems pulls. Have a good one !

My highest 5* emblem hero is only at 5th tier.


25 emblems missing for my Magni for lvl 8. In our last war, one of our opponents had the first lvl 8 (Gravemaker) I’ve seen yet.

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■■■■ that is crazy !

(Dang**) haha (20 characters)

I have 495 Barbarian emblems but sadly no worthy 5* so they’re on my nearly level-20 Grimm.

I think that’s the equivalent of level 9 or 10.

And it’s not like I don’t have 5*s - I have 30+ - just no good barbarians. Azlar is my only option but his slow speed means he’d not get on my defence or my raid teams.

Well least you probably have the toughest Grimm going around ?!
Hopefully you pull Kage or GM(if he shows) at the next atlantis :slight_smile:

Wow! I only have 223 barbarian emblems (and no one yet to use them on). My highest 5* is only tier 4.

I’m just a cute little puppy dog in amongst the wolves here :smile:

“Only” 223 is still a fair few ! :slight_smile: Hope you pull a 5* that is worthy of them all Nevarmaor !

I’ve done nearly 400 pulls when Kage has been featured and failed miserably. And I started playing the month or two before Gravy showed up and had no clue he was valuable and wasn’t yet invested in the game yet

I finally have some gloves so I can max my 3/70 grimm so he’ll likely get them.

I’ve never pulled for Kage and I didn’t start playing until after Gravemaker. I’m really hoping he is featured this month. If so, I’m definitely pulling for him. I have 11 mystic rings and no 5* I want to use them on… I’m also hoping for Tarlak.

Tarlak I have 3 of. And a bunch of dupes of other HotM

Here’s my almost-graduated Grimm…


I’m jealous. I just hope he and GM are featured this month. I don’t know how I feel about Ursena. I have Poseidon and Ariel, and love the idea of the free defense boost from family… but I don’t have Atomos and… he kinda sucks. So unless I get lucky and get him while trying for someone else and he gets buffed later on… I don’t know. I just love the idea of a 5* rainbow in the same family. Wish it was mana instead of defense for this family

I failed to get Ariel too. It’s shocking sometimes my team does okay without Gravy/Guin/Kunch/Ariel/Zeline/Alby/Alasie… like I lack nearly the entire “best” grouping of heroes.

I scored a second kage and also Ariel from last Atlantis so was very lucky !
Second kage tho will be a fair while off until this one is maxed on emblems.

I only have 5 maxed 5*. My current defense team is nothing special: Marjana+4, Kiril + 15, Obakan + 5, Leonidas + 4, Lianna+4. That was my only team for so long. I’m working on 4*s to have more options. I do have some of the desirable heroes: Guin, Kunch, panther, Ariel, Alasie. Not one of them is maxed. Kunch is closest at 3/70. Alasie is still 1/1

Yeh I am in the same boat Stephan regarding Ursena, looking forward to seing her when she is released as it may differ from her in the boss fight. And 1+ vote for the whole Atomos sucks bit lol

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Yeah. I like that Poseidon is a fast sniper, but I am underwhelmed by his secondary effect. It is situational, which makes it tough for defense… but I love the idea of that rainbow team. It would be Ariel, Poseidon, Ursena, Atomos, and they’d need a 5* red… but again, Atomos sucks and I’m not a fan of Ursena. :confused: May just have to give up that dream. Would have been better if Atlantis was the mana generation family though. Imagine Ariel’s mana generation boost + poseidon protection against mana interference + mana troops + mana family bonus.

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