Highest Combo Recorded


Lol I think I heard on anchor’s stream that Zero has a 36 high combo? If I’m remembering right. So it would seem that he is once again the champion. Lmaooooo


Zero has a 21 highest combo recorded, it shows on his video leveling Aeron.
So Kalel still champion in that category!


all right!! Even if it’s just luck, I’m winning something! Maybe an Alasie prize? hahaha


32 combo?! That’s absurd lol! Mine happened on a farming level, too bad it wasn’t on a titan hit


Didn’t catch this before 94 raids win streak… Wow!


Yeah, it surprised me too and it’s my streak. It is nowhere near the longest streak I’ve seen either. About a year ago, dropping cups (losing on purpose while offline and dropping your trophy level) to get matched up against weaker opponents while raiding was all the rage. Pretty much everyone did it. It led to some really long raid streaks. I’ve seen some in the hundreds.

Since they’ve implemented reasons for people to keep their trophy levels higher, people in general have stopped dropping cups in order to win raids.


21 is .ine too. Those high1s are beauties. 2 watch