Highest chance to get mats from titan

just wonder , should i join low alliance and focus to get highest Rank A-B at titan *4-*5


join high alliance to fight *7-*9 titan but with Rank C damage

any clue ?

Hey Arios !

Hmm great question. I generally hit A or A+ in my alliance and we battle mainly 5-7 star titans. That said, my loot is generally trash and rarely will I score some decent mats from it.

I have heard that getting a B or C against a higher tiered titan seems to get better loot so that may be your best bet, based on my experience :smiley:

I’d try to find an alliance you can consistently score B ranking in, B loot drop percent is almost as good as A and the drop off isn’t that big. A “B” ranking is 3.3% of the total titan HP. For example I got lucky tonight with a B ranking on a 10* and got a hidden blade and trap tools :slight_smile: You will grow over time and then it may be time to bump up to a higher alliance.

Yeh I would totally agree with that, I see people in my alliance getting C and B ratings on titans and they are scoring Asc Mats, while I am hitting triple their score and I am scoring Scabards and gems lol

Sweet spot ally is where everyone gets IX tier loot for C grade - that is 9* titan.

It is not healthy for ally when ppl chace A grade - that eventually leads to rogue flasking.

If ppl get IX tier (3 rolls) for C then basically everybody gets good loot by default and for C players there is room for improvement to get B grade.