Higher Power but Not More Power

So I took a look at one of my strongest 5 star heroes, and then at my strongest 4 star heroes of the same color…

What I realized just now is that, I was being mislead by the 5 star hero’s “power” that’s listed in the upper corner, which is why I was initially so adamant about leveling them up. But then after taking the advice from forums in here and instead leveling up some 4 star heroes I had, I’m comparing stats and although the 4 star hero’s power is lower, they are actually STRONGER than the 5 star hero being compared!

Just wanted to this discovery because it really helps put leveling into great perspective!

I do see that Seshat has a higher attack than cyprian in this case, but both his HP and DEF are higher than Seshat, and his attack isn’t so low that he can’t do damage. So just something to pay attention to


That’s right. The power doesn’t matter. Of course, a leveled 5* is stronger than a leveled 4* but most 4* on 4/70 are stronger than a 5* on 3/70. Just don’t look at the power anymore.:grin:


From a pure stat perspective, I believe most 5s need to be around 4.20 mark to surpass a fully lvled 4. This is why it is often suggested at the beginning to get a full team or two of fully lvled 4s before developing your 5s. You’ll be able to progress more quickly that way.


Power is something that is arbitrary I believe, but I dont think your comparisons are a very good example. I do believe Seshat is stronger in power than Cyprian but that comes from other considerations other than raw stats. Damage special skill output, minion generation, dispel, elemental link, and mana down resist all add to her power definition by a large margin compared to just a simple riposte from Cyprian. Not to mention you are comparing a mid levelled Seshat to an almost fully levelled 4*.

I think it’s better to use power as a simple guide, but once you get into team composition and synergy, that all goes right out the window.


@LadyAchilles, you are correct, but power is only an avarage base stats, and you compare both not yet 3.70 VS 4.70.

And also I notice you, and remember what I suggest here what I said:

Here I’m not compairing with Cyprian, because Proteus and Rigard are best *4.
And I know Seshat is also best, if you already have 2-3 *4 purple maxed, then we have option for another strategy project leveling, and also depend which purple already ascended of course.

Best way is, you show all of your rosters, then we can suggest which priority should leveling. OK, that just in my honest opinion.

Seshat = 8 Trap tools + 1 compass + 1 gloves + 1 damascus blade + 1 tome of tactic + 6 Tabard
(Rigard & Proteus) = 8 Trap tools + 2 compass + 2 gloves


I totally agree, but also considering how much time it takes to get a 5 star fully ascended, you can create a much more powerful MAXED 4 star before you get the materials needed to fully ascend a 5 star hero. So if I knew this long ago I probably could have gotten 2 other really good 4 star purples like Proteus and Rigard maxed since I don’t have and probably won’t for a while, have the ascension materials to take Seshat to 4th tier.

So while agree that fully leveled 5 stars will always be stronger than fully leveled 4 stars, I’m just acknowledging that you can make a 4 stronger than a 5 faster and easier when leveling heroes. So now I’m no longer hell bent on leveling 5 star because they are legendary and will be more powerful in the end, it’s about strategy and that’s part of what I’m learning.


Here is my roster

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That I totally agree with!! You will enjoy the game better focusing on 4 *! I’m glad you came to this realization and I hope more players do as well!


Looking at your roster though, I can see why the 5* you have can be distracting lol…


If y’all notice, I have a nice amount of legendary heroes, about 25 of them alone, and 80 or so unique heroes, a couple are dupes.

So in the beginning I was so happy to grab 5 star I started immediately putting my all into leveling them that’s how so many got kinda far before ever maxing a 4 star, but as the game progressed, I started being killed by maxed 4 star heroes in raids and wars and I’m like how is that possible?! That’s when I found these forums and starting reading and asking questions and realizing I’m doing it wrong. I took the advice of you guys to start leveling 4 stars and asked who were my best out of my roster at the time, and that’s how I chose Xi Liu/Grimm/Caedmon/Boldtusk/Cyprian.

Since then I pulled Proteus and Rigard and Wilbur, and then read about Hansel Wu Kong and Kiril so then started leveling those guys as well.

Hope that kinda gives a little background to how I got here with a ton of heroes leveled but none maxed :weary: lol

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That too, such a taunt to have to keep some of these 5 stars benched until after I max a few 4 star! LOL

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I’m all ears please help me get this right I’m tired of the jack of all “leveled” trades MAXter of NONE roster :weary::joy:

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Card Power is based on:

  • A base value that comes from the star level of the hero. This base value is essentially accounting for the “worth” of the special of a hero of that star level.

  • The Attack, Defense and Health of the hero, put through a formula. Attack is worth more than Defense, and Defense is worth more than Health.

  • 5 points per level on the special above the first level

  • 5 points per talent tree node

The formula is here:

The base value for 5* heroes is 90, and the base value for 4* heroes is 50, so the system is saying that the 5* hero’s special is worth about an extra 40 CP’s worth of stats over an equivalent 4* hero.

For low-level 5* heroes, this just isn’t true.

The real effective “break-even” point is different for different 5* heroes, but it’s almost never less than 3/70, and for snipers tends to be higher than that.


Oh this is some amazing info! I’m bookmarking this so that I can take my time and read to understand thank you so much @Garanwyn


Also, now that I have Rigard and Proteus I definitely agree that they are better than Cyprian, I just feel like I might as well finish him off since I spent the trap tools to take him all the way to the final ascension tier and he’s almost at max now. So I don’t think it will hurt to max him but i definitely wouldn’t give him any emblems.

He will probably be the only riposte hero I max, and I will use him as a tank. That’s all I see him good for, but I don’t care for the riposte effect maybe on a titan or in missions/farming it’s good but in battles I don’t see it as helpful that much.

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OK, nice rosters… :+1:

Red: Ascend Wilbur, Finish Boldtusk, Mitsuko to 3.70 (stop), later on we can decide who to ascend 1st *5 red, but Mitsuko is best and can be also as tank candicate. And also Ares is best, so you can ask in forum later on, or bring both to 3.70, then decide later who to ascend 1st.
Blue: Finish Grimm, Kiril ASAP 3.60 (ascend if you have mats), Sonya, Isarnia to 3.70 (stop), later on decide which blue *5 to ascend last tier.
Green: Hansel (ascend), Finish Caedmon, Melendor (ascend), Lianna to 3.70 (stop), Kadilen 2.60 (stop).
Yellow: Wu Kong to 4.70 or Ranvir to 3.70 for Titan best sources of our mats, Finish Li Xiu, Gretel, start Drake Fong (best).
Purple: Proteus (ascend), Tiburtus 3.60 (stop), Rigard (ascend), Seshat 3.70.

IMO, that is my opinion, maybe others have another better priority, it also depend on a play style. Like example Cyprian riposte has very good advantage use, but we should bring more good healer.


I like it, that’s a great start and gives me some structure as to who to level and to what point. There are other 5 stars I’d like to get to at a later point but I just want to complete these guys you mentioned first. Because right I have a ton of incomplete heroes. Thanks a whole lot @jinbatsu I will be sure to keep you updated as I make progress. This should take me at least 3 months right? Lol

My stronghold is at level 17 now, I’m about to take it to level 18 within the next two days once my iron finishes filling up, and I have 3 TCs one of them already running on 11 constantly. The other is on level 15 which I will catch up to 18 once the SH 18 is complete. The third camp is kinda low like on level 8 or so I think, but it will definitely be leveled between 18 and 20 SH.


@jinbatsu last questions, for now while I get this leveling strategy in order, which heroes based on their current actual levels should I use to make top 2 to three teams?

Also just to make sure I have the feeding thing understood properly…
trainer heroes are good for the heroes who skill is maxed but need more xp right? I usually do a good job of maxing heroes skills way before they are maxed so I know about feeding heroes themselves for 25% increase and also 10 at a time of same color, for the most part these heroes that are leveled they are almost all maxed specials so I just need to give them xp.

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I have said that team feature is used only for eficiency to choose during raid, titan, map and defense raid, like this example as I have written here:

Now, you have already 11 teams, that too many I think, but consider you can have more eficiency for choose, so we do not need always swap heroes while raiding and still can coordinate leveling project plan, etc. So you can also use teams feature to place your leveling progress. IMO

Yup :+1: specially for *3-*4 trainer I often use after 4.50 and up.

Yup :+1: specially after skill is maxed, best use 10x at a times, because less food cost but not so significant (if we have spaces to hold 10x feeder on same color).


Perfect thanks a ton!


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