Higher * Hero / Troop Drops after a Map Level?

Hello fellow lords and ladies who play this game.

I am currently on Province 19, a few levels in. My main party for these consists of 3 4* heroes (Fire, Nature, Holy), and 2 maxed 3* (Ice and Dark). Felt like the game isn’t really rushing me to finish the campaign, so I am taking it slow. The levels are challenging, and I could get through most of these with help of Battle Items, but still felt that I need better heroes at blue and purple to help out.

Not sure if it is just by sheer coincidence, my Ice / Dark heroes have always been eluded of their 4* counterparts. At the same time, the highest tier of the troops for these 2 colors have been 2*. Whenever summon chances come around in the form of tokens, I’ve almost always been sent repeated ones of the colors I already have. Just this morning, a Troop Token I got gave me a Barbaric Mauler (3* Fire), which I already have on 2 other occasions.

I have a question after about 3 months of playing. I know heroes / troops occasionally drop after map battles, but has any one actually gotten a 3* hero or a 3* Troop to drop after any of the map levels?

Just 1 and 2* from map

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@Talisax Thanks for the response, I had a suspicion that would be the case.

Nope, and 4* are even worst.
After almost a year i have 8 four star blues and none red.


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@Elpis Thank you for the confirmation. Some of these seemingly “randomized” drops somehow all seem to fall certain directions.

The random drops can be… weird. It sometimes feels like it only follows a certain pattern which is decidely not random, but someone else might experience the exact opposite pattern.
To clarify the point, while you’ve failed to get any blue or purple 4* troops, until just recently, I have gotten nothing else. Then I got three red 4* close together and nothing more of any color since. I’ve still yet to receive a green or yellow 4* troop.

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@Paulon Thanks for the response. I was under the impression that my Deepwood Enchanters (3* Green Troop) came from a Map drop. But I guess it probably came from a Daily Summon token. It is the 4* blue/purple heroes or just a 3* blue/purple troops that I haven’t managed to get a single one. Very strange coincidence that it just happens to be this combination.

At least I know now I won’t be finding 3* heroes or 3* troops in map drops. Not that I really need 3* heroes at this point (I could train them myself, but there is one or two I kind of want). But the 4* Blue/Purple hero and 3* Blue/Purple Troop will definitely help out quite a bit.

When people think of randomness, they think of a reasonably even mix. Asked to give an example of ten random coin tosses, most people split 5-5 or 4-6 heads and tails, and they’re usually sure not to have more than two or three consecutive heads or tails.

True randomness is not like this. When things are truly random, then over small samples you often get extreme imbalances. People see this and, because humans are pattern-seeking machines, they think something non-random is happening. Nope: that’s just randomness.

(FYI - that’s one of the ways forensic accountants catch fraudsters and money launderers. Evildoers attempt to create ‘random’ looking sequences of numbers, and they’re just too even and balanced to be real.)


True that :D. I know things are random, but still I try to find patterns, or loopholes ;p, against my better judgement. For example I tested to see if i would get better summons if a dragon + geese flew by. :joy: … so I seriously kept waiting for that to happen and then summon. Ofcourse nothing good came of it :D, but I thought how cool would it be if there are like these hidden Easter eggs in the game and I find one :D. :joy:


@GoVegan - Believe me, I’ve also tried summoning at different occasions to see if different results will happen.

  1. Similar to yours, but I thought the fact that I downed a flock of geese made me an evil person, so it doesn’t give me good summon results.
  2. Summoning in different times of the day. My 4 stars heroes came mostly at night, mostly.
  3. Summoning right after hearing/seeing someone getting a hero of the month in my alliance.

Hasn’t worked out the way quite the way I was hoping they would though. :stuck_out_tongue:

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@Brobb I am thinking, the chances in any summon events, especially ones for heroes, it is not an equal playing field. That is, there are more ping pong balls for 3*, followed by 4*, and finally the least for 5*. Even if players were to do 10x draw, each draw may actually be a new set of ping pong balls in a box. That’s why there were so many frustrated posts about people getting 10x 3* in a summon.

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Hahahaha omg… me2. I don’t touch the geese for that reason :joy: … I also tried timings like 22.22, 11.11 Spoiler alert: nothing good came from it. Maybe I should open a thread and people can add their hunt for easter eggs :smile:

So far as we know, you are right: each summons is an independent event, with a 3% (or 2%, or 1.5%, or whatever it is) chance of summoning a 5* hero. Repeated summons give you repeated chances, but your chances on your tenth summons are not improved by having failed to draw a 5* with your previous nine summons. They remain 3% (or 2%, or 1.5%, or whatever it is).

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