Higher Cost Guaranteed 4-5 Star Summons, without 3*

I would be willing to pay a higher gem count (around 400-500) to be guaranteed a Four or Five Star hero. It wouldn’t have to be available all the time, maybe once a month would be fine.

TC20 is free and you can do multiple summons a month so why pay?

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For me it would be that I have been getting the same crap hero’s out of my training camp, and 3 stars whenever I do a Elemental summons. But it’s mostly for members of my alliance that have done countless summons and only get 3 stars and have not reached TC20. I know waiting is a big part of the game, but sometimes it nice to have instant gratification.

To get seasonal, event, atlantis heroes and hotm


Whens the last time you got something decent from Atlantis? Lately it seems all I have been getting is 3 stars. Heck I got 3 Banes in the last 2 weeks. I have got HOTM twice, but I have members that have been playing the game for over 3 months that have never pulled a 4. Just saying it would be nice to have one summons a month, that you took 3’s out of the mix for a few more gems.

On a side note - I would like to point out that the ones that don’t have 4-5 stars are players that don’t dump money into the game.

Ok by chance they get a hand fun of 4* & 1 5*.
What next. FRUSTRATION!!! Why because they don’t have the AM to finish them. If you are NOT spending money on the deals with AM then stop rushing the game. 3-4 3* teams first then at least 2 4* teams so now you can stack colors on teams going for AM.
Just my 2 cents.

Right now they are sinking emblems into full maxed out 3 stars. To me that doesn’t seem like rushing a game. One has been playing for 139 days and the other 56, that’s a long time to not pull a 4 star hero. I get that you need to build your teams, but the frustration of hearing members who do the VIP pull 4-5 vs the ones that don’t do VIP get only 3 stars i think would out way the frustration of not ascending.

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PATIENCE is the first thing that comes with this.
Next decisions need to be made how your going to play.
TC13 gives 4*'s for free. Why not use it.
No need to complain about not getting what you want, playing a free game, not spending money when they give you a way to get what you want free but your being impatient.
Things aren’t that simple.
Do any of them have all the AM to level any 4* they get?
As far as emblems go they can always do a reset.

Oh I get that patience is something you need with this game.

I will recommend them trying TC13 and see what happens. I have been using 11 and 20 for so long, i didn’t even think about 13.

They play daily and have been around a while, so would think by now they would have what they need to at least get to a 4 to level 2…

I’m not really complaining, just though it would be a nice idea to add to an event, a token reward in a quest challenge or just a special summons that you could use that would be for just 4-5*'s.

OP was talking about general 4-5* so thanks for that

Considering the average cost of getting a 5* from a summons 500 gems is VERY cheap. There would be a HUGE influx of 5* into the game, many of which would sit at 1-1 (or maybe 2-60) because of a lack of AM.

The 4* and 5* will come in due time. Preferably 4* first. Nothing worse than being sidetracked by leveling a 5* too early in the game and letting the 4*'s sit idle (learned the hard way from personal experience I might add).

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I agree 500 might be a little cheap, but if you did it as a reward token during an event, that could limit it to one per person that completed the quest.

Yes would be a nice bonus, but the devs are wedded to RNG so best we will get is an EHT.

Didn’t hurt to mention it. Who knows, maybe one day they will stumble upon this tread and be like, sure why not… :rofl:

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Was talking about AM for final ascension on 4*

if they had stronger heroes they would get better loot… so it’s kinda a catch 22.

There are steps to get stronger heros.
You now are skipping steps that some can skip by paying. Like I said before you either have to be PATIENCE or you can pay your way and skip steps there is no in between.

Okay so how is removing a 3 star hero out of a draw that has 3-5 stars in it, skipping steps? It’s just changing the odds to be more in the favor of getting a better hero. They have the ability to do legendary/elemental summons now, it’s just been bad luck for them.

I did point out to them they they need to try TC13, so we will see how that goes.

Wouldn’t change anything.

“3 10pulls each 10k gems 300 bucks and only got epic duplicates.”

whine whine whine… :wink:

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