Higher appearance rate for a particular hero in Season 1 & 2 after multiple attempts to summon it - New offer

Dear players :heart:

How much do you like an idea of having some higher chance of getting a hero of your choice? For example, if you like Isarnia and you’d like to summon her, the chance of getting her would increase immediately and it would continue to increase after every next attempt.

What would you need to do? Just two things.

  1. Find Isarnia
  2. Click Summon x10 (Season 1) or Summon x10 / x30 (Season 2)

You will automatically get, for example, +5% higher chance to summon her for your first attempt.
+10% for your second attempt.
+50% for your fifth attempt.

+75% could be maximum chance.

That would also apply to old heroes of the month, but only x10 and x30 Summons would increase the chances.

That IMHO would be 100% perfect deal for both spenders and non-spenders because these attempts (= x10 Summons) cost a lot of gems for players who rather save them up. And, of course, they cost a lot of money for spenders.

Consider this idea and support it, please :two_hearts:

Have a nice day, friends :kiss:

These sorts of escalating odds with additional pulls are a common theme in suggestions about improvements to summons, for instance these:

(@Kerridoc @Rook @Coppersky Obviously improvements/changes to Summons are a common theme for #ideas-feature-requests. Often separate threads are slight variations on several main themes. I started collecting some of these in A few ideas just yesterday. I’m wondering if a master thread or a few threads would be more useful for consolidating support and comments than having so many one-off ideas with few comments or votes.)

This is a duplicate thread. Please continue the discussion on one of the links Zephyr1 has provided. :slight_smile:

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