High Titan hit AFTER Athena Nerf - what’s yours?



Just hit my highest… what’s yours??

What is the most damage anyone has done in one attack on a Titan? - Please indicate the Titan level as well
What’s your highest titan hit? (Version 1.9.6 and forward)

Let me guess, Athena, Grimm, Magni, Wu Kong and Boldtusk? Mana potions on Wu Kong and Athena in the beginning and luck on combos.


Close but no Cigar! I actually only used 1 set of arrows and it was combos all the way…


Tiburtus or Sartana instead of Magni GG :stuck_out_tongue:


TheBully, on the old thread, players would post their score and list their team. :wink:


@banutu @Rook I knew everyone would be after it.
Wu kong, Athena, Boldtusk, Ares and Richard.

Board was pretty much perfect.


Congrats on your score! I hope others use this thread to record theirs. It’s on! :grin:


This was just for fun but also my best.
Not really a great comparison as was only a 1* but also had 15 seconds left.
Team was boldtusk Athena joon jackal lianna.


My highest is 51k on a 6* Glacial Mamooth(blue), and keep in mind im a F2P player.


Post your team! :slight_smile:


If you give me a kiss Ahahaha :smile:


Well okay, but cat kisses invariably involve teeth! :grin:


Well here

I should’ve probably put Kashhrek in the middle along with Brienne and Valen, but it got the job done.


Brienne AND WuKong? Woohoo!


@wif nice hit mate! I need to lvl Joon, Jackal then I’ll stick them with Wu Kong.


I don’t like 3* heroes against 6* dragons or above as they die from 1 hit… But for the moment got no choice.


Do those buffs stack (Brienne & WuKong)?


I wouldn’t use them in the same team if not.


Really? I use items to mitigate Insta-death, and a mixed team of 3-4* was fine up till 8* Titans this way.


I’m trying to build a team that’s battle items independent, even though you do 20k or 30k on a flag, but at least you are consistent with it, where as my current strategy is 50 50 and battle items hungry…