High scores in tournaments (Knights of Avalon)

I finished a stage in this tourney. Little icon said new high score. Is this high score for this tourney only or high score from all the Avalon tourneys? Is there a place we can go that has all high scores from current and previous tourneys?

Just this tourney. And it’s for the specific level that you played. Players gunning for the top, keep repeating each level to beat their own high scores in each level. :slight_smile:

It’s neither. It’s just your personal high score for this Avalon.

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I don’t think that is entirely correct. If that were the case, every time I finished a stage for the first time, it should say ‘new high score’. Afterall, each and every time you complete a stage for the first time, you get a new score higher than the last. Which it does not. It only happened the one time when I scored 81k on one single stage.

Trust me, man, you don’t have the highest score on any of the stages. Unless you’ve spent $150 and played it about 250 times.

It does say new high score everytime you beat a stage for the first time.

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Like sweg said, it does say new high score every time you finish a stage for the first time. New high score is for you only, for only that stage, for only that month.

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