High price

I assume you artificially charge the mana at the start of the battle, and that’s why your items consume is so high.

I would suggest to not do that (aside you find a really good board at start) as it is both more expensive and not really efficient for your score.

There’s many things you can do to survive until that moment. The less expensive is probably to use a turtle banner and cure yourself after every titan hit.
I know, it slow you down, but you notice that there’s still enough time to do a good combo before the time expire.

It’s another story if you try to be competitive in both Titans and monthly event.
In that case yes, items are never enough and you probably have to use gems to recharge world energy more then ones (that is probably the best way to invest your gems).

I think consumable price is so high exactly because P2W can’t abuse that.


Thanks Jonah but I was fairly sure because I was moderated for a comment that was even milder - of course you have discretion and you’re free to decide otherwise.

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Depends on what loot tier you’re in, but if we’re talking specifically ascension mats, you’ll get three rolls in loot tier IX. So I believe you would have to rate an A in 7*, B in 8* and C in 9* titans. There are some threads on this matter to go into more specifics, hope this helps!


Most topic accurate from a beta tester :

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My alliance fights 9 and 10 star titans and i consistantly hit for 20+k per flag without wu. He was too squishy and as you suggested he ate mana potions to make his useful before he died.

What i do is this:
I take at least one healer, one defense debuff, and one mana control hero. If I can’t take an att boost hero i bring bear banners and use one at the beginning or when I’m expecting a big cascade.

Two of the heros are strong against the titan—no more, and i do not bring the weak color.

This strategy gives me a good balance for killing the titan. With two heroes strong against it and none that are weak, i can get extra damage while also being somewhat protected against a bad board. I don’t use many items, though every now and then I’ll use a couple minor mana potions and like i mentioned i sometimes use bear banners.

I think noone with enough knowledge about battle item’s worth would buy that from the shop, just like 99% of the packages. With that gems you could refill your world energy and farm 6.8 with better return on crafting materials.

Personally, I find two healers solves the squishy Wu Kong problem ( linky, linky ). And keeps Wu Kong alive long enough to be useful which ( staying on topic ) keeps the use of battle items down to a mana potion for Wu Kong when you have a good board already in place or have just fired a defense debuff, elemental defense debuff, or attack debuff so you don’t have to use mana potions on multiple heroes just to use Wu Kong.

Instead of only using mana items, consider arrows and axes to help Wu Kong. Since arrows are accuracy debuff and axes are attack debuff, they stack and can be used round one while your team gains mana. This can also help you use ingredients not needed for mana items.

Additionally, Wu Kong messes more with special skill ( few accuracy rolls, each miss has a huge effect ) and messes less with tile damage ( more accuracy rolls, each miss has a smaller effect ) ( linky, linky ), so a healer with a high attack stat helps.



Gryphonkit, my wife, is from Colorado. She only saw two vanity vehicle license plates since they are so expensive.

We now have relatives in Virginia. Virginia has a saying “You can tell what state a car is from by reading the state name on the plate, all other plates are Virginia”. This is because Virginia is really, really, really cheap for a vanity plate, so the state has over 201 designs to choose from.

==Economy of scale==

I am not sure which business model makes the state more money, but the Virginia one gives the customer more choices because of economy of scale. Since more people buy more items, the state can make the initial investment to specialize the items to smaller niches. Since even Virginia’s most niche vanity license plate outsells Colorado’s single design.

I don’t understand why only scrolls heal the whole party. I would love a team wide mana item and a team wide health item for fighting titans.

If the prices were cheaper, they could add a wider range of items to the shop.

How do you know if a titan is “rare”? where will it specify?

Yes, they are very clearly marked. Also completely different sort of titan (e.g. a Harpy), with a chance of dropping a bonus 4* ascension mat.


I just must’ve not seen one before, or not noticed. Thanks for the info.

True two healers might keep him alive long enough for at least one special, but his special causes an aweful lot of tiles to miss, so if you can’t seem to make a big cascade you can’t stun the titan and the team still dies fairly quickly without items. I wanted to give an example team that didn’t involve wu, since for me he doesn’t work.

Sorry if that doesn’t make sense—i got little sleep this week >_<

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I always do this and… I’ve just emptied the mana barrel.
I’m going to be more pragmatic from now on.

Thanks @Elpis

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Thank you. There is one aspect that I think Sg is wrong, if you put that price for the p2w, you should keep in mind that the real p2w do not need Wus or anything like that, they have the best settings for every need. Limiting mana harms the middle class.

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