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I have played many games, in different formats, but they all had something in common, the hp and mana flashes are easy to get and, if needed, very cheap and in virtual currency. I have run out of mana, the elements barely fall and are not enough to supply the need. It occurs to me to look at the store to buy, in the belief that it would be logical and irrational. Does someone buy that? selling 100 for 5 gems would be expensive.


Farming works for most of us…

really? each Titan eats 15 minimum average manas, only giving Wu, sum events, etc.

If you’re needing big mana potions consistently for your titans, you’re probably punching above your weight. Your titan level should be what your alliance can kill consistently without big battle items or flasks. Save your battle items for challenge events and your flasks for rare titans


I will agree. I don’t use many items on titans at all.

Just pulled off 55k on a 7* dragon rooster.

Wu Scarlet BT Gormek Falcon. Only charged Wu with items from the start.


Our alliance is constantly taking on 7s. Not the biggest i know, but I hit consistently in 20,000 range using Wu and never use items. I’d probably hit higher if I did, but as a C2P/F2P I hoard items so that I can take on harder challenges so as to get better ascension materials. As @NPNKY suggested save them for more important things and possibly you may need a strategy change. As fun as it is to be number 1, sometimes it’s not viable. Hope things work for you. Good luck.


The alliance is of the level that should be and the titan according to the alliance. And now I ask you, what is it worth to Wu if he does not come loaded? Wu, with titans of 9 and 10 * lasts a blow, at most two and its usefulness is to take advantage of the time I live, in fact my record is 90 thousand to a titan of 9 *, although maybe my level is of 4 *. Really, Zero, JimMe, Uclapack, etc, are a few, the others …

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Might I reiterate… possibly a time for a strategy change?

The definition of insanity is trying the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

I was running into a wall, asked people some questions and my game has improved.

I personally don’t see how complaining about the game is going to solve the issue of the plateau you seem to have reached. There are tons of different players who are doing just fine and are NOT P2W.

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I’m not complaining, neither about the game, nor about anything. I was simply struck by the absurdity of the price of some consumables

I flagged all posts above, as all are irrelevant to this topic… The thread is about battle items in store, and the guy is being cuestioned about titans he kills, about his alliance, and the way he should fight the events.

This is something I noted since the first day playing this game, battle items in store are extremely overpriced (in gems)… Not talking about offers and other items, that’s another issue.

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Actually. People were making suggestions to get around the price. What’s sickening is people complaining about a FREE GAME.

That being said. I agree the prices are high, hence not paying for them. Way I look at it is “if I have to ask how much it is to fill the tank on a car; I cannot afford it”

The devs walk a fine line between keeping F2P, C2P and P2W all happy whilst trying to make a living for themselves. I hope that maybe someday prices will come down, but if I was a dev (thankfully not, I’d lose my mind) in todays ever rising price of living. I would not.

Enjoy the game. God knows I’ve had a year of great playing.


The prices are quite steep to purchase battle items. I truly wonder how many people spend their gems on those items, especially when you compare it to everything else you can buy. Do the prices really need to be that high? I wonder if they would see better profits if the price was lowered so that more people would consider it. Or would that hurt their profits even more because the price would be too low? Hmm, very curious. I know, personally, I’d much rather farm forever and buy hero slots with my gems than battle items at that price, but that’s just me.


@Ber - actually, you do complain quite a bit. If you could just use less confrontational words like ‘dementia’, ‘arrogant’ and ‘disgusting’, people might be able to reply to your posts in a less aggravated manner.


Although I haven’t ran out of minor mana flasks just yet, my rate of consumption is greater than the rate I’m getting materials for those items now.

By “now”, I mean ever since I’ve been fighting 12* titans, regularly.

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I can only imagine. Glad my alliance is not on them yet. Hopefully I can continue hoarding them and just keep my VIP pass going for gems and the odd good deal gem purchase. Time will tell. Although absolutely curious as to what kind of things are in the chests at that level.

@anon89026910 did not say anything offensive…

There’s nothing wrong with paying and there’s nothing wrong with not paying.

There is however something wrong with expecting everything your way and insulting people.

I’d be very surprised if your post isn’t moderated

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Morning folks,

@Ber @anon89026910

As per forum rules, please keep things civil and constructive.

Also, I’m going to rename the thread as dementia is a serious and horrible disease, not for comparison with gaming problems.

And On Topic.


Please also don’t second guess moderator decisions, because then we’re damned if we do and damned if we don’t.:wink:

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Re: loot

Not sure if you’ve seen this, but it may help a little. This was shared with me, and I hope it’s correct :slightly_smiling_face: Maybe someone can confirm.

Anyways, assuming this is correct, you can use the charts to get a rough feel of what loot looks like for a future Titan.

Example: if you get an A+ on a 9* Titan, this is the same as a C on a 12*. Similarly, A+ on a 10*, or B on a 12*.

A+ = 1st place (in Titan score)
A = 2nd - 5th place (in Titan score)
B = at least 3.3% of Titan’s HP done as dmg
C = 1.0% to 3.299% of Titan’s HP done as dmg
D = less than 1%

A+: Titan Level (T-L) + 3
A: T-L + 2
B: T-L + 1
C: T-L
D: T-L / 2, rounded up



My apologies for losing it on the post I deleted. Only so many insults one can take when trying to be helpful. I’ll remember in the future. I’ve got to get better at not letting some things/people annoy me. Life’s a learning curve. Haha.


No, I’ve not. Thats interesting for sure. What I was wondering is what kind of actual loot you get at a 12*. Is it the same as 7* or (fingers crossed) better?

Thanks for the above info

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