High level troop question - Availability?


Are three and four star troops available anywhere else besides the summon location?


Nope, hence troops being a serious end-game thing.


No, that’s why quests and titans are so important. Tokens is how I got my 4* troops.


I get more excited about a free Troop token than I do a Hero token. lol.

I got super lucky with my troops and pulled 4* for every colour but red in fairly short order. Now I’ve been stuck getting that last red one 4* for ages!

I felt I’d share, since last time I complained about never getting any compases I got 3 in the next 2 weeks :smiley: Gotta do what works, right? lol


Trying to let some of that luck rub off on me. Only 4* troops I got (I have been playing since end of May) are blue and red, maybe I will get them now for yellow, purple and green :wink: .


Ok, I should have added: on my normal account, not beta!!! Just got 3 4* troops in beta, just not fair, lol!


S how do I get a level 1, 3 star troop to level 2?


You have to create a barracks that is used to upgrade troops. If I recall correctly, your stronghold has to be level 10 to do this.


Thank you for your help.