High level troop question - Availability?

Are three and four star troops available anywhere else besides the summon location?

Nope, hence troops being a serious end-game thing.

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No, that’s why quests and titans are so important. Tokens is how I got my 4* troops.

I get more excited about a free Troop token than I do a Hero token. lol.

I got super lucky with my troops and pulled 4* for every colour but red in fairly short order. Now I’ve been stuck getting that last red one 4* for ages!

I felt I’d share, since last time I complained about never getting any compases I got 3 in the next 2 weeks :smiley: Gotta do what works, right? lol


Trying to let some of that luck rub off on me. Only 4* troops I got (I have been playing since end of May) are blue and red, maybe I will get them now for yellow, purple and green :wink: .


Ok, I should have added: on my normal account, not beta!!! Just got 3 4* troops in beta, just not fair, lol!


S how do I get a level 1, 3 star troop to level 2?

You have to create a barracks that is used to upgrade troops. If I recall correctly, your stronghold has to be level 10 to do this.

Thank you for your help.

Call me stupid but how do I go about creating this barracks? I can’t figure out this whole troop leveling thing out. (And I’ve read so many threads where troops are being interchanged with Heroes that I’m totally confused - there is a difference, correct?) Thanks for any advice you can give!

Once you have your stronghold at level 10, you can tap on one of your buildings that is level 5 or higher and convert it to the barracks. You will no longer be able to use that building while the barracks are built on top of it, however, if you want that building back, you can revert it back and place your barracks on another building at no cost.

Once the barracks are built, you can tap on it and there you can level your troops. You can only train troops with more troops of the same color.

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I recommend you convert a forge rather than another building. You’ll need all the others


4* troops, nope. But 1.7% of the time your daily summon gets you a 3* troop.

It took me eight months of gold troop tokens to get one full rainbow set of 4* troops.

It took me 10 months of free troop tokens to get… 1… red 4* troop. :frowning:

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If I could go back in time, I would skip obsessing over 4* troops and spend my troop resources maxing a solid set of 3* troops first. They are easy to find and cost less to level up. Then, I would consider fours to be just a pleasant bonus.

Wearybear… If I could go back in time, I would never max a single 3* troop. Troops, I feel, are a luxury.

The divide between 4* heroes and 5* heroes is NOT as wide as the divide between 3* troops and 4* troops.

the CBA over the long term points to 4* being the only solid investment.


If I could go back in time, I would not have even started leveling most of the 3* troops I leveled up.

I’m glad I didn’t even come close to maxing any.

A 3* troop has to get past L10 to match a L1 4* troop.

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What good are four star troops if you don’t have any? Use what you have available. I don’t claim to be obsessed with this game to the point where I can quote stats until the cows come home (like so many others around here). What I can quote is an old pop song from the hippie days which went “If you can’t be with the one you want, then love the one you’re with.” If troop levels don’t matter, then explain that to the top 100 players with their full sets of level 30 troops, not me.

3* troops are worth having but not leveling. Youll get a 4* eventually. Even I have only one.