High Heels

Twenty :joy::joy::joy::joy: characters!



She is my kind of hero but sure, a hero in high heels is much less believable than a Gazelle with magical abilities or a half squid/octopus lady that shoots purple lightning or on and on…


My favourite high heels story is of the beautifully dressed girlfriends/wives of the US Marines who were in Las Vegas on our last visit. Going down in the elevator with them I admired their 6"heels. Seeing them all later that night walking on the filthy sidewalks of the Strip in their bare feet and they didn’t look so elegant anymore.

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Ok. Let’s vote. You like Zeline’s high heels or Wilbar’s slippers ? :rofl:


It doesn’t matter as long as they have big boobs


I wear high heels, boots, sneakers, even sandals… a woman needs to be prepared.


I really don’t see how this is a problem, given the fact that in season two maps, some characters (see Rigard, Boril, Sonya or Elena) fight underwather in full metal gear, with swords and shields and bows… all of a sudden fighting in high hils doesn’t seem so dum anymore :wink:


Wonderful stuff! This is what the forum needs more of…complete nonsense, to keep us all laughing :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Well, I am old and a nice pair of slippers certainly has it’s appeal…


Slippers is fine, you can say that is casual fighter outfit :rofl:

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While the thread is mostly about the heels, I do find the trope kinda hilarious, even in fantasy settings. Acknowledging that some of the male characters don’t actively armor sometimes themselves (missing chest plates is often all there is for them, though obviously there’s a few without proper leg protection too), that’s kinda normalized and accepted, like them being chestled and Tuck and John being the only two vague exceptions.

But it’s painfully hilarious to think a woman in armor can’t be sexy too if you do it right. Even a little light armor would be fine; it doesn’t need to be armor that dwarfs her whole body (looking at you ARES with your tiny head!) but at least don’t have her whole bellybutton ready to get slashed open (bless you Costume Chamber, for you’ve given Elena, a constantly appearing character, functional armor, even if she’s not the Captain of the Royal Guard anymore).

And similarly, a small but constantly appearing detail, is the female heroes sometimes wearing what might as well be the most fragile-looking heels they could give them. I’ve seen some works of fiction utilize the fact that women using the heels of the heels as a weapon. They’re neat. I cannot see that with these characters. Boots might be cuter/sexier imo for some of the characters… or maybe just thicker/lower heels is all they’d need. Something that doesn’t look like if missteped, their HP would go from 1000 to 0 because the heel snapped mid-battle.

don’t ask me why I thought this thread was gonna be about an alliance

My friends set me up on a date when I visited NYC… unexpected to both —I was almost two feet taller than her.

She asked me to walk her back to her car, Was confused - but obliged — she pulled a set of the tallest heels I’ve ever seen out of a bag… steadied herself on my arm and changed right there… was giddy that she could wear them :slight_smile:

I know nothing on the subject — my role is Provider of foot rubs and verbal affirmations of attractiveness.


Look to the heel, young man.

The sax is in the heel.

What’s that supposed to mean?

Sax is in the heel.

Stilettos require constant balance from the upper leg causing the muscles of the backside to tense and appear pert and ready for mating.

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All I can say is I would have moved it to the Ridiculous Complaints thread. I love the serious responses!

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Not a new argument at all… but certainly a valid one.

Obviously, the reasoning behind these types of characters is based on the origins of video games, fantasy sci-fi role playing geekdom, an entire subculture genre that was originally male dominated and well… duh. Get a bunch of horny teenage boys together playing a fantasy game, they want the female characters to look… a certain way.

Don’t shoot the messenger here! Every time I try to be bluntly honest about a subject, people tell me I’m being offensive. But that is the reality. These characters are drawn that way solely for the purpose of [censored word] appeal.

And yeah. It’s blatantly sexist, harkening back to a time when video games and fantasy RPGs in particular were mostly a “boy’s club”.

So that is the reason why these sort of characters continue to exist even in today’s world. Doubtful they will ever disappear completely. No matter how ridiculously absurd or impractical their armor (or lack thereof) may seem in a battle situation… if someone finds a character - even a silly cartoon character - to be aesthetically appealing in any way, they are probably more likely to want them.

Won’t go any further into that subject though, because, well, again, I could expand in my blunt honesty and ultimately I would end up offending just about everyone in the process… so I will instead try to “justify” the absurdity of wearing heels to a battle.

As pointed out above, anyone who can walk around on stiletto heels all day long must obviously have extremely powerful calf muscles. And those heels could arguably be used as weapons. In fact, even in real life, high heel shoes have been used as weapons on many occasions.

Slightly related real world example of poor footwear choices… many of the jobs I’ve had required us to wear steel toe boots on the job site. The reasoning being that since we’re working with heavy stuff, the steel toe covering will protect us should we drop something on our feet.

Sounds reasonable, right? But here’s the problem. We also worked with heavy machinery. It was a widely known that if you were to accidentally get your boot caught underneath a forklift or in between two pneumatic pressure type devices with a high enough PSI (pounds per square inch) level of “crushing power”, those steel plates on your boots that are supposed to protect your toes will instead actually completely amputate your toes.

In addition to that, stubbing your toe on a table hurts. Stubbing your toe while wearing steel toed boots hurts 10x more. And walking around 12 hours a day on concrete floors in steel toed boots is extremely uncomfortable.

Probably not as uncomfortable as spending 12 hours walking on stiletto heels, but the point being that “work attire” is not always exactly ideal or comfortable. Medieval armor itself was said to be very uncomfortable to wear. Sure, you’d think a full set of plate mail would keep you from getting killed by a sword, but it also makes it harder for you to move and harder to see where you’re going, which could ironically actually make you more likely to get killed in battle.

Nah, that still doesn’t justify the idea of warriors wearing high heels… the only point I’m making now is that these costumes - armor, weapons, etc. - aren’t necessarily meant to be practical or useful in any real meaningful way, aside from aesthetics. These are fantasy characters, so you have to just kind of imagine that they have special powers that allow a stiletto wearing female warrior run full speed across the battlefield and a bare chested male warrior to be able to take a sword directly in the gut without dying. Suspend your disbelief and give them each your own individual storyline explanation as to how a guy who is 5 feet tall can wield a sword that is twice his size. LOL

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You are calling for me, right??

Btw, i have no idea if Booberella wears High Heels…


I always thought Gazelle was exempt from being ridiculous because she was floating all the time.

I always think of her as that horribly annoying floaty dancing animal, “oh look at me, I’m so amazing that my special makes me LEVITATE!”


As a man who dates men - I’ve never had to deal with this (except for that one time I did try heels on just to know), BUT have heard horror stories from my female friends OR from male friends who date females.

i am in awe of those who pull this off as well. Just can’t imagine having to do that!


It should certainly never be required or expected of anyone to wear them. Not only is it terribly uncomfortable, but can also result in long term damage if worn regularly.

However… there are some people who enjoy wearing them… for the aesthetics, and for how it makes them feel.

I’ve known some short women (and even men) who wear heels to make them seem / feel taller.

And I won’t deny that high heels can… um… “accentuate” a person’s certain physical features?

I’m not a monster, I would never expect or force anyone to wear them.
But I am also a human, and will acknowledge that some things can be visually appealing… even though they might be uncomfortable and impractical.

But overall, there is a time and a place for that. Going into a war is not a time to try to look cute. Unless that is part of your war strategy, to distract the enemy with your cuteness.

And if that is a strategy that actually works? I shall go into my current war wearing my finest and skinniest of skivvies, strutting myself all over that battlefield, winking at the opponents with my big spiderlike eyelashes, running my long fat fingers through my luscious tufts of chest hair, twirling my salt and pepper beard and blowing kisses at them…

Once they all proceed to begin :nauseated_face: :face_vomiting:

That is when we strike! :laughing:

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High Heels would be a great alliance name :grin:


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