High Cost Emblem Nodes - Worth It?

Critical Bonus 2%
Mana Bonus 2%
Both of these are high cost nodes, and seemingly too small of a percentage to make a difference on their own. Are they worth it? How would this change the Troop breakpoints, if at all?

Look at that 2% mana as meaning you can get your speed bonus with a much lower level mana Troop than you’d otherwise require - and the resources needed to level mana troops from 20-30 are incredibly high.


With the mana troops there are some logical stopping points if focused solely on mana gain - I stopped at 23. The one before it may be 17, and then I think 11. But don’t quote me on those. Your decision to go for that mana node will depend on your tolerance to sink the ham into the troops, the mana speed of the hero in question, and the other resources you have available (like do you have others that buff mana generation, like Alby, Ariel, even Khagan) that further produce less of a need for either a high level mana troop or that particular node.

For what it is worth, I almost always take the critical node, though if I had a slow mana hero I would possibly think about the mana one (haven’t taken a slow mana hero to that node yet).

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2% Critical increase is nothing, you won’t see it practically.

2% Mana increase is something that lowers the mana troop requirement by several levels.

For example, for Fast heroes, to shave off 1 tile, you need lvl 29 mana troop - or lvl 23 mana troop + 2% mana talent node. Or lvl 17 mana troop + 4% mana talent node.

You can apply this logic to any mana speed.

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