Hiding the pinned message at top of chat

I recently took a break from my alliance and went wandering and one of the things I noticed in other alliances I visited was the message box that appears above the chat can be closed and opened in some alliances and not others. I know when I returned to my alliance I noticed we couldn’t hide ours. In some alliances there was an “x” in the corner of the box and this allowed you to hide it. I am wondering why some alliances have this feature and others don’t…I can’t find any kind of setting to change it?


I could hide ours before I was promoted to co leader. Now I can only change it. I’m guessing you are a co leader

I found if I completely empty the message box is says that I’ve closed it. I like our members to stay used to watching that space so, on the RARE occasion that I have nothing to say, I keep the percentage up code in it.

It doesn’t show up in the message but it keeps the box open.

[%130] This is an example of the percentage up code.


For what it’s worth, I have a contrasting approach… when there doesn’t seem to be anything useful to share, I remove the message box completely, so that when it’s there again, it’s a change from the previous absence of box.

We always use the message box during wars, so the contrast seems important there too.


We constantly change what’s in the box, so there’s always something of interest to our players…

We use colors, symbols from the Emoji chart, and change the text size for important announcements.

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I like colors, emoji, and text size changes too. Maybe a little too much.

If you haven’t seen this auto-color-gradient tool, it’s a funny one:


Back on topic, we also often put titan / etc info in the alliance description.

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Yep: You’ll see our titan info comes first: color of titan, whether it’s a kill or rest (darn sleepy titans!) :wink:

(Cool chat tool!)

Ah…that could be it…I did
like being able to hide it though.

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