Hiding the last active time


I do not want to share my last active with other players.

Is it possible to hide the last active/seen time in the game?

Thank you


That feature is a good tool for the leaders to gauge your participation in the alliance.

If you don’t want to be tracked by any player, remove yourself from an alliance and do not raid. There. Perfect solution.


Before I vote, could you tell me why you wouldn’t want players to know when you were last active in the game.
I can’t see the advantage


Privacy is the reason I assume. I’m curious if there is another reason.

I did not vote for this idea because I want to keep it. @Ultra explained the rationale.


Yes, I think privacy is the concern here, and I wonder if there is a legal mandate for opt out in some countries. Regardless of “law” I think an “opt out” option would be a good idea for players bothered by displaying their online status or last. That’s just like the privacy settings on a lot of other apps and websites.

As for the concern that leaders need to monitor activity, that also is a valid point. If a leader wants to do that, and a player doesn’t like it, then the alliance would not be a good fit for them. There’s no shortage of other alliances if your view on that is different from the alliance policy.


It really makes not a jot of difference. The only things it can possible have any interaction with is Titan hits and wars. So let’s look at that…

If you aren’t hitting the Titan, we can see that already. In very exact detail I can see exactly when you hit and for how much.

If you aren’t using your war flags, we can see that too. But for wars that’s not as important (unless you have a strategy that relies on everyone being around at a certain time I guess?..but even then I can backtrack through the data and see that)

So what does hiding when you were last online really tell me that I can’t find out anyway? If you aren’t hitting the Titan with your flags when able then I’d be asking you too if we are struggling to take them down. Many hands make light work and all of that. We all know you get a flag every 4 hours so in a normal lifespan of a Titan you get 4-5 flags. If you are using 1 or 2 and they are fleeing I’m probably going to be able to see this and start asking you questions. When you were online doesn’t really make any difference. I can see everything I need from the Titan log.

So, not really a feature we need removing.

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But let’s say you take a sneaky break and hit the Titan. I’ll know you’ve done that. So if you are in an alliance with colleagues they are going have an idea when you were on anyway

(sorry but that’s never going to happen for me…work life will never mix with non-work life)

then again, best thing is to move to another alliance. As suggested

This is not only useful to leaders. Players check the activity of alliance members to know whether they can engage in them or not.

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As far as I know, the privacy clause only is limited to personal information, i.e. full name, date and place of birth, name of parents, mailing and email addresses, educational attainment, employment, salary, social security number, bank account number, among a ton of others things. Information as to when the player last logged in the game can hardly be considered privacy.

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For the alliance leaders, it is often useful to know “X was online but neglected to hit the titan/in war, causing all the other players to have to let the titan go, losing all their resources” as opposed to “X hasn’t been online all day, I hope that there’s not a real life problem going on”. Because at least in our alliance, the reactions to those two are very different.

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A lot of that would be classed as special category data under GDPR in Europe, but the legislation does cover extra details as well.

With regards to the impact of including last online etc I am unaware of any test cases ever being brought but wouldnt think it would contravene in the same way WhatsApp & FB Messenger both show last active/seen in chats.

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