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I am affected by this mostly when levelling heroes, but it also applies to selecting heroes for trials and wars. Can you please make it so that heroes that aren’t available (i.e. locked heroes in the levelling screen and heroes that don’t belong to the classes for the trial) are hidden? Many of us have large rosters. I feel like I’m scrolling endlessly through grayed out heroes. This seems like it should be a very easy thing to implement, but it would be huge from a quality of life standpoint.

Apologies if this is a duplicate request. I can’t be the first person to have this thought, but my limited searching didn’t turn up a thread for this topic. Feel free to merge or delete if there is one.

Hide locked when leveling looks nice. I train same color 10 at a time, so my sort is set to “Element”. My roster is quite big, so i need like 5 seconds of scrollling (10+ full swings) to reach bottom, where red ones are located. On the other hand, locked heroes can’t be used for training and I can’t even unlock them. So, why even show them there? Hide them or move to the end of list.

a gesture exclusive to this game only

I think hiding locked heroes is only logical when you selected the hero you want to level. and when you do that, the roster is automatically scrolls to the bottom. so this is rather resolved, isn’t it?

Not really sure of what you are taking about. I’ve made a video of a leveling process, to make things clear.
Here it is

Why not just add a scroll bar like there is on the side of computer screens?

I think what @Ebonest might mean is that if you are feeding greens into a particular character then move onto a red when you select level up it starts from where you left off? In the green section.

sort your roster by power please, tap on the arrows on the top left and select power.

Edit: tagging @AndreworNIL & @DangerPigg so ya’s see it :slight_smile:

Answered this question issue with a work-around just a couple minutes ago… maybe its this time of month?

Anyways, see here for my method of getting around the “scroll” issue… For reference I have never scrolled my roster in months and months and months…

@DangerPigg there is a request about the “scroll bar” here:
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It just only makes things worse. I still have to scroll all to the bottom, and there’s a rainbow of 2* and 1*, all messed up. I’ll show this once I get enough heroes to feed.

the scrolling is automatic, you don’t scroll yourself when sorted by power

Scrolling yes, but heroes are all messed up. I made another video to show that.
Here is it
Yelow heroes are splitted by heroes of a different color. I’d rather scroll than choose heroes.

yeah, i thought it would be appealing to scroll less, at least it is to me. cheers!

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