Hidden gifts season 2 & next season 3


@J.o I would like to suggest a new idea for including a short quest into completing map stages in season1, 2 and 3. The short quest which may appear for short time period in stages (48hours or 72hours) and giving valuble items such as ascension materials for legandaries, world energy flasks, titan energy flasks or raid flasks, gems, epic tokens, etc. Right now in season 2 is giving Atlantis coins for easy mode and hard mode in first try. If that idea continued that would be interesting to the players and sticky to the game.
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Isn’t this essentially what quests are? Limited time battles that offer specific rewards?


You haven’t really suggested anything, you’ve just hinted you want free stuff.


personally this my idea …
under there are voting … like it does not like …
choose one of those two.
useless, comment as children.:blush:


I would like to know something. if you get something for free you do not take?:poop::thinking:


Where is season 3???


Sorry and i edit that … sometoms season 3 back future…:blush::+1:


I’m curious. What exactly are you suggesting that we don’t already have?


I think a lot of us are trying to better understand your idea. Are you asking for adding something like the rare quests (like Farholme/Frostmarch/Morlova) to the provinces in the maps?

If I’m understanding you correctly, you’re suggesting that different provinces would spawn rare quests every so often. Is that what you are proposing?


Thanks for understanding… :+1::blush:


Great… idea… :ok_hand::heart:


Thanks @Cjempiers thank you soo much