Hidden Blades

Where can you find the hidden blades??? Are they only in missions/chest??? Or can you find them in any particular provinces??? Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advancd!

I suppose you mean hidden blades. And yes, those can be received only from Wanted Missions, Titan Battles and Challenge Events. Also, you can tap on any item, and message box with info regarding that particularly item can be found.

Ascension Items
Note: it cycles
Opportunity’s: titan loot, wanted chest, rare wanted chest, mystic vision, war loot, special events and rare quest
Location: 1.Farholm pass: fine gloves + tome of tactics 2.Shiloh desert: orb of magic + poison dart 3.Morlovia: trap tool + royal tabard 4.Farmholm pass: compass + Demarcus blade 5.Mount umber: hidden blade + mystic ring 6.Shrikewoods: sturdy sheild + mysterious tonic 7.Frostmarch: warm cape + farsight telescope :handshake: hope this helps


I’m not sure what Location your talking about??? I’m still somewhat new to the game, but one of my friends is looking for the hidden blades, so he can ascend one of his Hero’s

Hidden blades are a rare drop item - please scroll up to see the list above. The list also has the rare quest names. It cycles around. And when available is under your quest icon. :+1:t3: (Keep an eye out for the color chest to fill )

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I understand that they are rare. You had typed Location in your original response, that’s why I was curious about what you meant by location. Like I said, I’m still fairly new to the game

Rare Quest
(Sorry my screenshot is in french)

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Awww. Understood…it was confusing for me when I got started in the game. There’s a lot of people happy to help and answer questions - my best to you👋

But there is no (guaranteed) unfarmable mat in rare wanted chests, sadly

Correct - (for me so far) I have received one random ascension items in the rare chest, plus additional common items. Just wanted to share that. :+1:t3:

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You can receive 0 to 2. it‘s random rolls but with good probabilities

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@Maaeetz thank you for the clarification Have a great day👋

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The only guaranteed ascension materials in the game right now are via Rare Quests (and those materials cycle depending on the quest) and certain levels of Events should you win.

But yes, your list of locations to find random ascension items is otherwise correct. :slight_smile:

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Thank you @Rook. Your always awesome!:grin:

I was thinking you were! :grin:

Thanks for the reminder about Event items…I don’t always think of them.

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vent! i need 8 hidden blades to ascend 2 heroes and only have one so far. i have been playing for a year. I will keep involved in the events to try to get them but it’s just annoying.

any new tips on getting these?


some seem to think it helps. Some don’t. Either way…only thing to do really, besides fill chest, participate in events, and track the rare quests.

@MerryOne Mount Umber is up right now and the stage right before the last one grants one guaranteed hidden blade upon completion. Other than that, I know completing the epic tier of Guardians of Teltoc gave a hidden blade. Aside from rare quests and events, you just have to hope for them out of the wanted chests, raid tourney loot, and mystic vision. Here is a screenshot of it dropping from one:

It is entirely possible to get one from those just not very high. I will say this, those will drop more frequently than mystic rings though.