Hidden Blades - Colen, Santa, or Neither

Hey all! Pretty new to the game, started sometime back in November. Colen was my first 4* and has pretty much carried my team as dps and temporary tank so far due to his level. I’ve been saving up hidden blades trying to get his last ascension for a few weeks now.

I finally got my 4th blade today but after getting Santa, and a few other 4* over the holidays I’m unsure if I should continue with Colen or save them for someone else.

Below is my roster. I just switched Boril in as tank recently but Santa might fight there better if he were leveled higher.

I plan to be c2p with a little splurging here and there. I’m current upgrading to SH15 with 13/11/4 TC’s.

Any input is appreciated! I know there are stronger reds out there than my current setup and not sure how rare these blades are in the long term.

For where you are in the game, 5* heroes like Santa will be a huge distraction and derail your progress. I’d leave Santa alone until you’ve got a good mix of 30 or so leveled 3 and 4* heroes (maxed for 3*, and at least 3-60 for 4*). They’ll carry you through Wars, raids, and events, and 4* heroes in particular are really the core of the game, especially if you’re not a huge spender.

In terms of Colen, he’s got a great attack stat, and despite being slow, can change the tide on both offense and defense. Given you don’t have other options, and have plenty of leveling to catch up on, I think maxing him would be fine. But you could also wait until you catch up on your other heroes first…Hawkmoon should be maxed, and Nashgar is well worth maxing too.


I agree with everything except I wouldn’t waste too much time leveling 3 star heroes unless you don’t have any 4 stars left. Colen over Santa for sure though. You’ll know when you’re ready for 5 star heroes, but a good time is when you have all the required ascension items to take them all the way to 4-80.

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Agreed, although some 3* are amazingly useful, especially for someone who’s only a couple months into playing. And also, I can only see what’s on that roster screenshot…which has no other red 4* shown. Knowing what else @Headspinner has would be helpful.

You seemed unsure of how rare hidden blades are: very. This is a generalization, of course, but compare the blades you have with all the other ascension materials you have gathered. Getting a bunch of one while never seeing another is par for this course.

That lots vs few carries over in to heroes by both level and color as well. This means you have to plan before maxing. Are those 4* heroes going to be your mainstays? Not that I see. Take them to 3^60 and raid for resources/recruits and get the tare quest mats. When you have a larger roster, make new and better plans.

Colen is not a bad hero. What does the rest of your deck look like?
I would go with colen, unless you have the 8 blades, 6 mystic rings, one tome and one damascus blade to take Santa all the way up. I personally think there are better 5 star reds though.
The thing with giving Colen your blades now, is that maxed, he will help you get the mats to level other heros.
I still cringe if I’m not able to wipe him out before he fires.

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Thanks for the tips! Yeah that screenshot covers most of my best cards. The rest are 2-3* shown below.

What you all said makes sense for sure. I was leaning in that direction since Santa has been a distraction since I got him. Was leveling Hawkmoon before that, and been kinda going back and forth between the two depending on my current ham status.

I figured the 5* might push me to a new level kind of like Colen has, but not having a reliable healer has been a hurdle. Luckily Gadeirus was a nice pull to help but I figured I should still get Hawkmoon up.

Still have to do some more pulls and training down the road to get a better mix, but got my hands full leveling these new 4* lol.

This is true, but keep in mind that @Headspinner is C2P and at SH15 with a highest tc of 13. Getting a lot more 4* is months away.

I’ve found personally that ascension mats actually keep up pretty well with hero acquisition and leveling speed if you don’t spend money on summons. At least enough so that I wouldn’t be shy to get some good heroes leveled to be able to make it through Rare Quests and Challenge Events and get the ascension mats from them.


Hawkmoon was my only 3 or 4* healer for like the first 3 months I played. You’ll soon come to lament not having a 4* healer, but she can pull her weight for quite a while.

And you’re right, Santa would of course be huge to have. But the cost, particularly in ham and feeders, will at your current state basically mean forgoing all else. One hero alone isn’t worth that until you have a good mix on your bench.

His heroes are enough to finish the quests when the 4s reach 3^60. The trick is in learning how to form them in to a team. That comes from paying attention while farming.

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Likely true, particularly for the 3* mat levels in Rare Quests.

I’m a little more skeptical for Epic Challenge Event completion…those get really hard to get through using 3-60 4* without a strong healer or two, high level items, or strong controllers like Proteus. Definitely doable, but the current options are a challenge for making a strong team. Basically have to rely on using Hu Tao (slow) to blind, and Boril (average) to riposte boss damage, and throw mana and healing at Hawkmoon (average) and/or Gadeirus (slow) to keep everyone alive. And maybe get Colen (slow) to fire and do some damage. Notice it’s not exactly a quick-charging team…

That’s why I wouldn’t be shy about making use of what’s available to max when the time comes. The extra stats help a lot with survival, and then you can get guaranteed mats for other heroes.

Also worth noting, sprit link from Kailani can go a long way to avoiding heroes being picked off by bosses.

Hmm… So leaning toward Colen I suppose.

Right now my two main team comps are

Defense/war/raid (Hu Tao gets switched some)
Hu Tao

Auto-farm or just want rainbow when I get tired of Santa dying.

Kaliani I just got today from my second TC13 training. Was thinking about leveling her up soon but working on Hu Tao I guess. As you mentioned I’m not real thrilled with the Slow speeds basically across the board but working with what I was given hah.

I beat the normal Xmas quest line which took a little work slightly lower leveled than I am now. But haven’t tried to go past the 2800ish recommended rare quests so far.

Your points about his heroes at 3^60 are the same I would make against maxing them.

I had a pretty similar first team. Boril and Hu Tao were my first 4* maxed, and Hawkmoon was my only healer for a long time. They can carry you through to start picking up some mats, but you need the meat shield that comes from maxing them.

If you want to argue for holding onto mats, I’d be saving them for a 4* healer or two. At this team level they’re the biggest game changer for making it through Challenge Events and Rare Quests. But for C2P without tc20 running that could easily take months, barring some luck.

This also goes back to my original suggestion of just working on bench depth in the meantime, and bringing up some of the solid 3* like Hawkmoon, Nashgar, Bane, Kailani, Tyrum, Valen, Berden, Brienne, and Rudolph.

Hell, I still use Brienne on 8* titans alongside Evelyn (not leveled) and 4* (leveled) and get 50k hits with her attack boost.

I suggest the way to tc20 is faster by skipping the challenge events.

How do you figure? Because of avoiding forge crafting?

That’s the tough part. I think this comp can push me through some content but isn’t ideal. I have liked Colen so far so I’m tempted there. Santa has been underwhelming mostly but could be leveled much higher and would be pretty tanky. Right now he’s sometimes a game changer but usually dies before his special even if Gadeirus is near.

Suppose I’ll push toward 3-60 on my other 4’s and wait a bit before deciding. Saving up the 400k+ ham for Colen will slow down the other leveling a bit anyway. Hu Tao and Gadeirus are about to ascend.

I was planning on ascending Santa to 2-60 because the blades aren’t needed until that point. But from the sound of it you’d both suggest to bail at 1-50 and just move to Hawkmoon/Nashgar/Colen options?

Farming and raiding bring resources and recruits. This is as important as mats and higher level heroes.

If a c2p player uses his resources for any purpose other than building his base and feeding his roster, I don’t see what any mat won can be used for other than a doorstop.

That’d be my suggestion, at least. Leave Santa alone, work on 3-60 for 4s and 3-50 for key 3s. And it compromises to buy you some time before committing the blades.

Yeah a lot of them I just got recently with a bit of a holiday splurge. Bane and Valen are maxed and I use them pretty frequently. Saved those others since I knew they were some of the better 3’s but just haven’t gotten to them yet.

Good to know you had some success with Hu Tao and Boril though! I was a little worried about wasting mats there too lol.

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