Hidden blade


Is there any stage where one might get one… Up to my ■■■■ in chainmail, but the hidden blades are rarer than my paycheck…and I’m retired.


You can’t farm them, JR. You can get them from wanted chests, titans, Rare chests, occasionally Mystic Vision, maybe the new War Chest, and as guaranteed loot for completing the 4th level of the Mt. Umber rare quest.


I think I finally got mine from a special quest, got a feeling it was Mount Umber like NPKNKY suggested. You can see the rewards when an rare quest is active so check when a special one pops up


Here you go, you get 2.



Don’t you celebrate comic book day ?


Maybe tonight I’ll read my death of superman and breaking of the bat comic books!



I will spend $100 on gems and pop a bottle Moët .


You don’t keep any in your pretty cabinet?


Only with my prize comic: X-Men : Draco.
Look it up I dare you, best comic issue ever written. Fantastic art by Phillip Tan, forgotten masterpiece.


As fate would have it I got one in my red chest today along with an orb.
Perhaps the more questions I ask the better my luck.
Thanks Pinks.


Also thanks for the help from the rest of you.


$50 a pop… A lot more than the two I have hanging from my door.


I think you’re good when you have problem with hidden blade and not with mistic rings !!! :joy::joy::joy:


Those offers for almost 10k gems are ridiculous. They need to be in the 6k range to be worth it.


1k gems would be more then enough.


Exactly, I need 4 more to get vivica ascended…going to take forever.


Yeah…I have Gravemaker, Akzar and a couple of 4*s sitting as well. Takes months to win one…

Or apparently $99 to buy two.