Hidden Away

Hidden Away is a new alliance started by a core group of experienced players. We are starting this alliance to create a space with people we dig and a way of operating that is structured enough to build up to 8/9/10* titans and loose enough that we don’t get claustrophobic. We are looking for other experienced players (~3000+ Team Power) who are looking for the same kind of environment. If you’re close and willing to work at it, come over anyway.


Hey Hazard I’m not sure if you saw my response since the chat was pretty busy. My line Id is chaozshade

You can also contact @Raduk if you can’t get in touch with me.

line id : raduk_o …

Did you change the team? I couldn’t find hidden away… and I would like to talk with someone who is recruiting for the team you are in.


I always forget the tags…

Sorry @RedPython , this alliance no longer exists. I should have closed the thread.

My current alliance is We Are Groot. We are currently full.

@hazard no problem :slight_smile:
However, since you know many things, do you maybe know this - if you create own alliance, what happens if you want to exit it and enter some other alliance? And then more advanced one - when you exit that second alliance, is your own one still accessible?

If your alliance has only one member than it will disappear once you leave. To get around this you have to create an alt account and add it as a co-leader. This way your main account can leave and come back freely. I did the same when I created my own alliance.

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Ok, now I know at least one reason why people have alt accounts! Thanks for confirming my suspicions.

Oh, does then this alt become leader when your main leave?

Yes The Placeholder, my alt’s name, becomes the leader when my main account leaves. You can switchback to leader when you return.

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Great! That’s really useful. Now I have more options for experimenting :slight_smile:

@RedPython if you still looking for an alliance palace x has a spot. We are everything you asked for in your ad. Your welcome to chat to me on line if you want my ID is dragongirlkzn

Is this alliance still open? If not, I will close the thread.


It is no longer active. Please close :wink: