Hi.. i have an Idee


Hi… im Robert. Im playing from Germany. My ideea is to Let us Upgrade at least 2 at the time… Thanks. Peace


Not sure to understand. You mean 2 buildings at the same time?

If you say this, then it will result extremely unfair on who already build many buildings in the previous mode.
Sooooo… no thanks.


They tried having a second builder many months ago. They could never get it to work in IOS, so only android users had the benefit. They discontinued it to be more fair.
I agree with Elpis, thousands of players have suffered through the slow upgrade times, one at a time…to change it now would be epic-ally unfair.
So I am afraid you are stuck with building one at a time.
If you focus on just the iron storage, and Strong Holds, you can reach strong hold 20 in less than 6 months.
Good luck!


Progress in this game is slow unless you use money. Better get used to it. That is how all free to play games work.