Hi how do u get a old account back after like

Can someone please help me with the answer how to get a old account back from like 5 or 6 months ago??? I would really like to get it back because I miss my lvl 31

If you have screen shots of the old account identifier it shouldn’t be hard; make sure you’re signed into the same Game Center / Google Play account as before and it should be restored.

If all else fails, contact SG support but I think you need your old account ID to have them do much.

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Per the TOS (Terms of Service), accounts are removed after six months of inactivity:

If you have been gone less than six months, please contact Game Support for help:


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Thank you rook yeah I’m not sure if it’s been 5 or 6 months but if not oh well it’s cool thank you for the help and I did send the thing to support but hey if they can they can they can’t they can’t it’s all good thank you for your info.

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I hope it’s possible to get it back. Good luck! :wink:


They may be able to locate it based on gamecenter/google play account info or even email address as well.

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