Hi guys need serious help to arrange my team

I am new and I have problem to arrange my team
my hero are costume Melandor, Isarnia, Obakan and Malosi the problem is fire hero
I got Kelile, Elena costume and Wilbur. I dont know which hero is the best choice to ascend for my team. I need to know because I just have one choice because of lack ascend martial compass
I should add if I ascend Wilbur or Kelile they will be max level but Elena will be 70 and need another ascend
Please somebody help me and sorry for my english in advance

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Sounds as if you started 5* before maxing up about 10 to 15 4*. I’d recommend Wilbur and Kelly and other 4* until you have enough resources and ascension things for legends.

What’s your player level and how many maxed 3* and 4* do you have?

You can level up 3 4* for the price of 1 5*.

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I summon a lot I got Gormek, Sumle and Boldtusk fire team
but all of them have not leveled up till now but Kelly and Wilbur and Elena are maxed 60 level
and I got many other hero other team
My full leveled hero is just Melandor then Obakan and Malosi and Isarnia going to be 70 too
I just do not know which fire hero can be the best choice for this team.I do not choose Elena cause I think 2 legend slow mana make my team weak not worry about resource just it is only reason. Thanks for your answer but Wilbur or Kelly?

Welcome to the forum, @BraveGirl

I agree with @Olmor that it would be best to know more about the rest of your roster.

Absent that, if you are really focused on one red hero to ascend for the purposed of your defense team, we can try to take that on.

Of the the heroes you have listed: Melendor with Costume, Isarnia, Obakan, Malosi, Kelile, Elena, and Wilbur, your best tanks are probably Isarnia, Wilbur, and Obakan. I’ve seen Elena as a tank, but I would not recommend her as a tank. Of these, Isarnia is the least good not as a tank (i.e., as a flank). Ergo, I think Isarnia is your tank.

You’ll want to have a green next to her, Melendor.

Malosi is a good wing, and Obakan is a good flank. So, I think you’d want:

RED - Melendor - Isarnia - Obakan - Malosi

So, of the red heroes that your mention, Kelile is the best wing. Thus, in a vacum, Kelile is your answer.

However, I actually think that Wilbur is a better hero than Kelile. He has a useful special, defense down, and he’s good against Titans. So, maybe there’s another configuration that would work better. Hence, our request to know more about your team.

Re Elena. She is slow, but you have the costume. So if you level her and her costume up, she’s a little faster due to the costume bonus. If you have a level 11 mana troop, she’s faster (well, less slow) still. That said, I agree with the advice already given that you should focus on four stars ahead of five due to the resources and time it takes to level them up.

I summon a lot I got Gormek, Sumle and Boldtusk fire team
but all of them have not leveled up till now but Kelly and Wilbur and Elena are maxed 60 level
and I got many other hero other team like Richard, costume Rigard, LIttle JOhn or many other epics. About my troops I got all epic troops both mana bonus and critical type but fire. MY fire troop is critical epic. And I know all hero are useful in special situation but I need to know about best fire hero to add with other 4 hero. I know month laster I will have to many options

This game takes a great deal of patience… think of it as a marathon race rather than a sprint.
The best advice I can give you is to work heroes from the bottom up.
So build 3 x 3* rainbow teams and then 3 x 4* rainbow teams before you focus on your 5*.
I understand why players want to build 5* first, but it’s resource intensive and you will very soon run out of mats and have quite a few heroes sat at 3/70.
Building the 3* and 4* teams will get you the mats to ascend your 5* in the future.
For your 4* red I would go with Wilbur, he is a game changer
Good luck

I need to have one strong team first. So I leveled up that 4 hero I said so I need a strong fire hero with them then I focus on other team. Except Wilbur, Elena and Kelly I have got Gormek, Sumle and Boldtusk but these 3 have not beet leveled up. I need to know between these 6 hero which one is the best choice to add my team. Please let me know I have got more confused

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Are you willing to wait for a better hero or do you need it now?

What are you trying to achieve?

Short answer: Wilbur is a very good 4*. Boldtusk too.

I would prefer them over Elena at the beginning TBH as they can survive and help your team survive.

First thing u need to know is just ignore 5* until u get 4* rainbow team fully ascended.

For 4* red i choose kelile. She is great to takedown an enemy quickly

If I wait I should let my first team stay in 3400 team power
If you all suggest waiting I will do cause I am pretty sure you know something

Wilbur… For sure.
Do not forget to load him with talent emblem to level 20.
He will stay with you as long as you are progressing in maps and Titan.

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I dont think you need to wait with Wilbur, he is very good. Max him if you can I reckon

Ok, but seriously you need to slow down on the 5 star. From your list of fire / Red heroes … you have two game changers at 4* that should be done first.
They are Boldtusk and Wilbur.
I have both on max with emblems. And use them both quite significantly.
But in my honest opinion, at your level you will get more use / benefit out of Boldtusk
Good luck

What about Sumitomo I got him today

He can wait, better is in order IMO: Wilbur, Boldtusk, Scarlett, Kelile.
Sumitomo is good after buff last week, but still not better as the others.

Not now… Wilbur first then follow by Elena and her costume.

I have Elena costume, she is extraordinary.
155% counter attack is the highest stat available in the game.
with costume stat bonus + mana speed booster in talent level 8 + mana troop,
her mana speed will become average instead of slow.

She is my squad to deal with Telluria.

Anyone suggest Gormek for my team?
I am leveling up him either

Wilbur is better, especially in PVE.