Hi, been a while since I was here

Hello again my friends!
(I was Xorana before, but I couldnt reactivate my old account, so this is Xorana1. C’est la vie.)
I played this game about two and a healf year ago, ish. Along the way I wrote some stories about some of the heroes. If you dig through the forum you may find a couple of them.
But the way the raids were being handled really got to me, and not in a good way. And my depression took a very severe downswing. So I quit and walked away from the game.
But a few days ago I stumbled upon some of my old stories, and remembered how much I enjoyed writing them. Actually I think I enjoyed writing about the heroes almost as much as playing the silly game.
So, I’m back - and eager to see which heroes want to tell their tale. Who’s new in town?

Bright blessings,


:open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth: :laughing:

@Xorana1, I don’t think we ever crossed paths, but your writing is the gold standard.

I have indexed it here in the Fan fiction library

Welcome back!


I only joined this forum today, so I am not aware of your work @Xorana1 but as a huge fanfiction fan (I practically live on AO3…), I can already tell it’s going to be something that I’m into!

I hope that you’re feeling better and are in a better place~ It’s wonderful to hear that you’ve returned, and that you’ve rediscovered your love for the game and writing <3

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a whole archive of fics to trawl through xP


Welcome back, @Xorana1! I probably started around the time you exited so our paths never crossed. Glad to have part of the forum family back, though :laughing:

While I’m not a writer (Total lack of imagination…) I do love to read what others have come up with. I’ll head that way to read yours when I get some free time :slightly_smiling_face:


Welcome back. Since you’ve been gone, there have been 24 HOTM’s introduced, new events added, and old events improved with new heroes. We also have season 2 (what’s up with Gill-Ra?) and season 3 around the corner. Enjoy the expanded game!

Also, if you are looking for a password reset on the old account or something, you can reach out at the link below. Or you can keep the new account you created. I just looked in the admin area and don’t think there’s anything I can do with your old account.

Welcome back!

It’s very “popular” or perhaps even “easier” choice to write stories about the popular heroes. Your stories are one of the few (if not the only ones) that actually tried to incorporate the less popular heroes, and often times I find those more interesting to read than those for the more mainstream characters.

Hope to see more of your fanfics from this point on.

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Welcome back @Xorana1, same as some others have said we never crossed paths before either. I read a lot of your writings some time ago, they are absolutely great. I think you were already inactive for some time then. Strangely (or not), parts of those story lines still linger in my head when I play with some of those characters in the game. It’s like the world they exist in was breathed into life in those stories. It made enough of an impression anyway that I immediately recognized your name again.

Sorry to hear about the struggles you went through. But I’m really glad to hear you’re back, and in a better place now… and I look forward to any new writings (yes, what is up with Gill-Ra… or Jabberwock for that matter :sweat_smile:)!


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Thank you!
So far (SH Lv 2, been playing half a day), the best I have are Isstak and Bane. And inveriably Derrick and Brand. And Fletcher. Who really needs to stop using that vile oil and wash his cloak now and then. Smells like an abbatoir.
So, give it a couple of days and we’ll see who turns up. I wonder if Jahangir remembers me.
Sabina probably will. I can’t wait to meet some of the new people.


Gill-ra? I’ve not met him (?) yet. Judging from the word Gill in the name, is he an ichthyosapien? Now I’m really curious to find out. Also wanna know how Layla is getting on. I always liked her.
Oh, and someone let Rook know I’m here, please? <3



Welcome back @Xorana1

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Me too, I found her very under-represented story-wise (like none at all) despite being on the game loading screen for the better parts of the year. I even wrote a piece about her (Fire and Shadow) in the Community Contents section of the Forum, link is in the post that @JonahTheBard organized.

You have missed quite a bit in your 2 year hiatus, mostly Season 2 (Atlantis) stuff, but it’s not something you missed too much story-wise (because the story board behind season 2 is kind of bland and bleh too).

Omigosh! The fireside storyteller returns at last!! hugs!


This is Gill-Ra:

Seems like you were on the money, thinking of an ichthyosapien (which incidentally, I did not have to google in any way whatsoever - no, no, nevermind my search history :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:).

And Layla… Layla is alive and kicking, doing quite well. She’s been quiet lately though, trying to stay out of trouble I guess… it probably was a tumultuous time for her after all that fame and fortune, having been runner-up in a big deal of a beauty contest… “Princess Layla”, she was named.


(cries) I have MISSED you, love!!


So glad to see you back! dances!

See PM. :grin:


Oh and @Xorana1 have you seen the new Costume feature yet? Some of these could make for quite an interesting story inspiration… :sweat_smile:

I think Richard got a gym membership, and Li Xiu and Rigard got fancy… and Tiburtus… I think that one, you have to see for yourself. :smile:

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Well, that was an eyeful.
Boldtusk fancies himself a chef? (Has anyone called him “The Gourmet” yet? hee hee…)
Li Xiu embraced the Axian lifestyle, it suits her. I enjoyed talking to her.
I didn’t see Tiburtus in that gallery yet. Of course after I exposed what he did to Sabina we never really had much to say to each other anyway.
Viv went for a Black Canary look? Wow.
And Hawkmoon! Oh gods I still remember her and Sharan talking about Scirocco. Her astral vision quest (and death experience) must have really touched her soul, more than she let on. No doubt she’s stronger for it, good girl.
Oh it’s good to be back.
I’ll try not to let the ludicrously unbalanced geometry of raiding get to me this time.


Welcome back @Xorana1, I have enjoyed all of your stories and look forward to many more.


Hi @Xorana1, good to see a famous storyteller of old return :slight_smile:

I’m unfamiliar with your style but…

Can I be so bold as to request that we get a story about Little John and Joon losing their pants? :rofl: :joy: :sweat_smile:

Or having no pants during a fight? A few people have said Joon looks constipated on the toilet.


Hmmm. I think I need to talk to both men and get their versions of what happened. I remember Little John, and although Joon had been here longer, I rarely spoke to him. There’s a story here, I’ve no doubt. Should be interesting.


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