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Grats to those who got what they wanted (or a nice surprise)!

Reminder to keep to Forum Rules, as always. Thanks! :slight_smile:

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Only spend money you are willing to throw away.

The odds of getting a legendary event hero are 1%.

The odds of getting Red Hood are thus 0.33%


I completely agree. I don’t mind spending some money on this game – it entertains me, so it gets part of my entertainment budget. But unless you have a budget firmly in mind, the game mechanics invite you to spend just a little more to get that elusive hero. Set a monthly budget. Stick to it.


Definitely good advice. Spent my planned budget of 5 10× pulls, only hero I considered worth keeping was Thorne, on the grounds of not having him already and never getting rid of any 5*. Got two Gretels as well, but with one already fully leveled and two more spare for a rainy day, they got fed to Vivica. They went straight to her hips.

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Wait till Halloween and Atlantis come this month. Better heroes. Hansel is great, but the others are so so and boss wolf is just too slow to be of any use.

I guess I wont be spending gems on this event… lets dont push the luck too much… 1/1 pull good enough for me, for now. will try in next event :smiley:

happy and joy!!! =))


Congrats on your great pull! I’m gonna stand close to you and hope the glow is catching! :grin:


(Boss wolf central, Justice/Inari on flanks)

Mhhhhhhh, maybe not that bad?

Well, you have bitten me, I did not want to do it because I saved for atlantis my 1000 gems, but I have thrown them and 3 of 3 *, with bonus of aegir. My first hotm, in only 3 runs and it seems to be very bad. Is that so?

bonus aegir. i guess you are a lucky one too :smiley:

Just an F.Y.I. I love Raiding with 2 Grimms… together they are evil, alone each is squishy.

Lolz. Foxies minions stack up :slight_smile: Shes great. I have to get her 4/80 asap :slight_smile:

1 very slow + 2 slow beside? I would advise against it.

Boss Wolf is just too slow to be useful in raid defense, period (at least in diamond). Justice is also not very good. I think you are referring to Isarnia as other flank?

I have her as my raid defense tank, but only because I don’t have better supporting cast for Gravemaker.

If you get Boss Wolf, I would use fast 4* as flanks over Justice & Isarnia :wink: (or just use one of those as tank… hehe)

Anyway, congrats, @_John_Doe! I would stop summoning, too :slight_smile:

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There are several threads discussing Aegir, so please read about him there. In short, he’s fine but below expectations.

Close to random the algorithm might be, but the flow rate with each 300 gem pull is 5% for legendary.

Actually the chance of a 5* event hero is 1%. With three 5* heroes the chance of pulling red hood is 0.33%

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Read careful.
I said “Inari” not Isarnia, which is a hero you probably don’t know yet.

She is yellow, average speed with the skill of dodging specials and gain minions everytime she dodge (actually).
Combine it with Justice Blind effect and that people double/triple stack yellow against Boss Wolf, and if one of them manage to shot at least one it could be really turn bad for the attacker.

For now the dodge of inari is 66% of success, add it 35% blind of Justice and you almost avoid anything.

What’s more the minions she summon every turn attack and provide mana, and they actually stuck.
So she turn using your special in a nightmare, because if they fail you actually are much worse then before.

1/300 chance? i’ll take it :smiley:

Thanks for clarifying. She should be interesting! :slight_smile:

This is a sham, I used a 10 pull and got 10 3 star dupes. Will.not spend a penny more on this game after this

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