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Grimforest has really good heroes, definitely better than Pirates. Red Hood is awesome, Hansel and Gretel are really really good (they could’ve been 5*). Rumpel is random which might be tricky and annoying but his specials are good. The worst of them is Boss Wolf who has been nerfed and now is just… bad.

It all depends on what heroes you already have. But trying for Grimforest is always good if you have gems saved (same as Avalon, these two have the best event heroes imo).


I got…Carver :astonished:

20 characters (all of them Carver)


Yeah, I went a little over my usual budget and did 10x pull and some single ones. Managed to get Hansel and Aegir. Rest was 3* food (got like 7 Dawas, jeez) and a few 4* - Caedmon (which I’m gonna keep), Grimm, Melendor and Cyprian (these three were eaten by Richard).

And I got Karil.

20 Karil.

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20 carvers and 20 karil??? lolz
dont believe it

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Maybe you just didn’t ask her nicely? She probably gave you a fake number buddy.

I got her as the first hero on a 10x summons along with Gretel.

Oh yea?
I know Gretel, she’s milky, got her in my bed some months ago, but I have a crush on Red Stockings.
Ask her nicely.
Like she’s a 5 star diva or something.

So the probability of drawing her on a pull is 0.333%. If you did 207 summons, you’d have 50/50 chances of ending up with one (or more) Red Hoods.

Of course you could be lucky and draw her with a single pull. But it’s not surprising to not get her with only 10 pulls.

I think you overestimate the 50/50 chances… even with 207 summons… =))

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I know it can feel worse, but:

(1-(1%/3))^207 = 50%


i know statistically you are right; i trust your judgement, but random is random :slight_smile:

You bet. For the record, I (1) have Red Hood and (2) did way fewer than 207 pulls. Fortunately when my “you get an Event 5*!” roll came up, I got Red Hood and not Rumples or, worse yet, Boss Wolf. So now I’m done summoning Grimforest heroes.

Was super lucky for once. First time Grimforest pulls. 1 10x and 4 singles. Hit with Hansel, Gretel, Red hood and Richard! Sorta makes up for my many failures of past pulls

Nah I think she’s a good girl, she is on her way to grandma’s house after all! I offered to carry her basket of goodies. Brownie points for me. :slight_smile:

I’m a fuzzy orange cat, pretty sure she’s not looking at those body parts. :grin:

@Rook help a cat-sister out will ya?

Depends… Can you afford it? Only spend if you can. I have done this event multiple times and done multiple 10 pulls and have not received a 5* hero from the grimforest event. You maybe luck but the odd and probability of getting what you want are near zero. I’m not saying not to I mean you can’t win if you never try but be realistic when thinking about it. I have heard war stories of people spending hundreds to be let down but I have heard just as many people claiming to bet a red hood on third first pull.

I have maxed Red Hood, she’s worth it. She’s actually pretty good defending hero. I like her, fox mana drain resist is awesome. Yes, there are better heroes out there but if you think about the new heroes we are fed every month via atlantis gate and as a HOTM, many of them are disappointments. Aegir was ultimate bad ■■■ till this month, now he’s nothing. Many new heroes are pretty lame and not that great.

Red Hood is cool, pretty and extremely rare hero. One to have. Yes, there were times when i said that she’s no good, but in the end she’s one of my best heroes with Yunan and Gravemaker.

I got my Red Hood with only one 300 gems pull :slight_smile: Yunan came to me with one token i recieved for completing sand empire event on legendary :slight_smile:

I hate you soooooi much right now! I wanted red hood and boss wolf got neither :frowning:

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