Hey SG, where was the war matchmaking phase this war?

Checked earlier today and the old war was still up, I was going to opt in for the weekend war but after work, I see the new war starts in 19 hours and I’m locked as a spectator.

Do you guys have a schedule for this or is just whenever you guys kinda feel like running things?

Meh, it’s on you for not opting in when you checked earlier. you can checkmark the opt in box anytime you want.

Warmatching happens 24 hours before the start of the war.

Wrong. There was not a matchmaking phase for 24 hours.

Shrug. You should have checkmarked the box earlier anyways.

that is not what he wrote…the matchmaking session started 24 hours before the clock starts for war…he did not say matching making lasts 24 hours


Well, when you have a busy job and are doing a quick check, you assume you have more than what… a 4 hour matchmaking window?

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Well, nothing changed on the screen so the process is kinda ■■■■.

Busy job or not. Like i said earlier, you can checkmark the box anytime you want between wars. This is on you. So stop blaming SGG for your failure to opt in.

Ok, I’ll just blame them for being inconsistent.

Inconsistency not found. Try again.

Alright, I’m out. Not going to sit and argue with another random forum poster.


should have checkmarked the box yesterday.

Yes, it seemed to be exceedingly short but throwing insults isn’t the best way to handle this situation.
Totally sucks you got screwed, sorry man. Hopefully you make it in next time. Good luck and may RNGESUS smile upon you :v:t3:


First off, just a quick reminder of #forum-rules, the insults aren’t necessary in this discussion.

That aside, and more salient to the topic at hand, it sounds like there may have actually been something odd happening if the participation checkbox wasn’t available.

Normally you can opt in/out any time before matchmaking starts, regardless of whether the old War is still shown. You can even opt in/out for future Wars after matchmaking starts, just not the War that your alliance has already been matched for, of course.

@LucasDaoc did you not have the Participate in Wars checkbox option available at any point since the previous War, or did you just not check it at any point?


war matching has started at the same hour every war since forever: 9 am GMT on wednesday and 6 pm GMT on friday

iIt has always happened 24 hours before war starts


The checkboxes are always available no matter what phase the war is in, I believe:

He doesn’t seem to be saying that it was missing from his UI–merely that he didn’t check it earlier in the day because he thought he had time.

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Yes, it should always be available and adjustable, even during Wars — that’s why I was trying to determine if this was a bug, or just a decision to wait on checking the checkbox, followed by running out of time before matchmaking.

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