Hey I made this great game! Would you like to buy it?

Oh wait let me ruin it 1st …

Here …

Load of garbage to change to much at one time.

I’m ok with more powerful hero’s. I don’t care how many you make.

Mess up the schedule people have been saving coins for riddles for months shorten the length of one of the most fun farming events in the game 2xs in a less than a year…

Keep it up. Bunch of my game friends already quit.

And they really are gone accounts inactive for months not this fake tempter tantrum stuff. They played and spent a lot too. STOP changing STUFF

Who cares just keep popping them up on top of eachother (LITERALLY)

We will eventually stop trying to even find them.

Show us how much you care about your game…

We will show you back.

Feeling jaded


virtual hug for Tea :heart:

Um, is the game still crashing for you?

I’m not surprised that they’ve shortened Atlantis Rises once again.

It does suck for anyone who was looking forward to Riddles (and same for Pirates).

On a positive note, I’m looking forward to having 10-stage challenge events again.


A telling example:

This morning I looked at my EP notes to see what was coming up next. I saw in the beginning of the month I just wrote in “event” because we weren’t sure whether it would be new or old challenge event.

And now I don’t remember what it was :woman_shrugging:


I crashed 2 flags this tourny yes. :heart::heart::heart::heart::hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs::confused:

I’m sorry that you and other people are still having this issue. Super annoying! :frowning:

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I’m going to buy a new phone in the next day or so…
I am not changing to android to cater to this game…
because if it still crashing with the extra ram and 600 dollars I’m forking out…
I dunno whats happening next for me

I hope that getting a new phone successfully solves this ongoing issue for you. :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

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Even with the introduction of the upcoming costumes for older HOTMs, the CHOICE to have Tavern and Costume Chamber alternate makes no sense. At least Costume Chamber gives out something valuable regardless of rarity. ToL will give me Gunnar 20 times before someone new or even those costumes come out.

And with everything else rearranged in this new, really terrible scheduling, might as well shadow-drop those other Event heroes into HA10 retraining possibility. Not a few months from now, but literally right away.

What else…? They’re definitely lying about putting Guardians of Teltoc in the November Challenge Event slot. The community’s gonna pick that one and it’s not gonna be that. It’s probably gonna be Slayers. I just want the Halloween stuff to happen already…


Yeah, that was the most hilarious moment in the game lately, and sort of a nice description how I feel about the game as well. :joy:

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It’s called Empires and poodles?

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You are ■■■■■■■■ me right? You really want your 20th Belith costume?

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Costume Chamber was the best portal for low and mid range players. It was the only portal in which getting a hero, that was not obtainable thorugh TC 20, was guaranteed. There was 2,5% chance to get a 5* costume. In challenge events it is only 1%, in S4 1,5%. Moreover - there was around 30% chance to pull a 4* with costume. In other portals pulling a 4* hero other than S1 is less than 10%.
And on top of that - if you pulled a costume, you could use it on all your dupes. So e.g you could pull just 1 Costumed Lianna, but could use the costum od another Lianna.

Costume Event was also the easiest one for lewer players.


There’s the door>>>stage right

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yeah I get it I usually hate posts like this…

however it’s just sad watching them flop around I hope they figure it out… I love the game.

is to much to ask them to have a normal rotation of events?

how can you shorten atlantis 2xs… ? just do it the 1st time the way you wanted… it’s just seem like they need to get some guts…

point was only… you have something amazing… it’s running well… why so many changes so fast?

but yeah I’ll take the bad comments… it’s ok… like I sad that’s not in character for me i’m usually … YAY game YAY game… so …


and I agree LOL sadly… * embarassed * ha

I shouldn’t be so negative…

I just wished they’d… “put on their BIG BOY panties” and stop double changing things… just tell us what’s next and go… release the new hero… and leave it alone… delete the old event… whatever…

the loss of stability is what sucks

I actually really like some of these new events… LOL



It is sad I’m just pushing hard to HA10… and no there’s not as much of a chance but…

alot of the 3* costumes are necessary to compete in events… you cannot get those in Hero Academy…
they are mindlessly making the game impossible for newer players.

If newer players cannot reasonably compete or see how to … they wont play.

if new players dont play they we dont have a game either…

. or ppl that still need costume ulmer…

and yes… my xtra belith costume is good food LOL

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thank you for being a great person and seeing my upset and laughing :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart: people like you make my day happy and my game fun … thank you


order… it will be here in a few weeks… thank you sam!!! If it doesn’t fix it… with 4 GB ram and a fast processor expect many more posts lalala


I hope trans is right and it’s all betterererererrr :heartpulse::heartpulse::heartpulse::heartpulse::heartpulse::heartpulse::heartpulse::heartpulse::heartpulse::heartpulse::heartpulse:

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So, what’s keeping you here? I’m sure you have better things to do than listening to all this whining… don’t let us stop you from your thing, door’s open…


well it’s obvious why they delayed Pirates and Riddles. They are probably focussing on the costumes for Halloween so they had no time to attend to costumes for Finley and Jabberwock

Funny you should mention Belith costume. It’s the single 3* costume I am still missing :laughing:

Also still missing several key 4* costume (especially BT, Kiril) so I still look forward to costume chamber