Hey Disney!..Notice any similarities?..lol


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Ursena and Ursula…hmm…Ariel?..

King Arthur…Guinevere…lancelot…Hansel…Gretel… Santa…Rudolph…Who’s next?..

Ursena is Ursula from The little mermaid…Just different enough to not infringe on copyright laws I guess.

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Please…look alikes and straight off rip offs are different

Alice in wonderland


There are others I’m sure

Exactly…Seems like SG needs to get back to creating more new heroes like GM…Zeline…instead of bringing Santa!!!..Really…Santa?..I don’t want to see Santa Claus fighting anyone…


How is this a rip off from Disney? If anything, Disney did the rip off first, these are books/fairytales, lol. You act like Disney invented these…


Ursena. Ursula. They look almost identical?..Wake up

I think I posted this in the lookalike thread but Evelyn the Brave Heiress is…

Merrida from Brave


Famous role model greetings:
Grimm forest,
Pirates of the Correlian,
Lord of the Gems,
Chronicles of Sartarnia,
Alice in Wonderwomanland


Love the idea of mixing all those beautiful fairy tales.


Gm was a knockoff as well lol

Wait a minute… a grown up Merrida… Could it be that Master Lepus is a grown up… Thumper? I know one thing, he is for me going forward. haha.


Seems like creators created Ursena, sea witch of the depths. But didn’t want to use the name Ursula to be a direct nod to Disney’s Little Mermaid, and Ursula isn’t the exactly most attractive one, so to me, I think they might have also took reference of Ursula’s lesser-known sister, Morgana and combined the two and threw in some scales to make Ursena.



Exactly… so what’s the issue?

The nice thing about these fairy tales is that they’re public domain. Anyone can take the story or characters… so long as they’re not exactly like another’s work. Disney would not have been able to make some of their early movies, if the source material wasn’t part of the public domain already.

Another example is Wizard of Oz; you can take the story and characters from the first book with no issues, because it’s public domain. What you’re not allowed to do is draw them the exact same way they appear in the movie though, because that is copyrighted.

Honestly, I don’t see the issue here.


No issue for me really

Though i would prefer more original artwork and characters

Gives the heros and the game a more unique feeling

At the end of the day I’m not sweatin it too much

As long as a hero has decent stats and usable skill and fits well into my roster then I’m happy pullin it


I kinda prefer the E&P versions…Ursena looks slick and scary not middle-aged and dumpy. Merida was a whiny teen in Brave (no offense to any who love her); i like the armored version better, though even i am asking how she can hold a sword and a bow simultaneously in battle… :grin:

Guess i like my fairy tales a little on the grown up side (Alice, etc), but that’s me. :slight_smile:


Shoot the sword from the bow!!


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