Heros that everyone Hates that *YOU* know are Underrated 👍

Slow heros add a ton of value in game modes that are not PvP. I use them a ton in challenges, ninja, etc, but I’m sorry, if you’re staring down a PvP front manned by fast and very fast heros, you won’t survive a mediocre board. The meta is fast in raids and tourneys.

how about costume Skittles? maybe underrated? her attack stat with a few emblems is fantastic, and then add her into a team with an attack buff and she’s great! also rush attack wars, as tank, when you’re not facing teams where everyone is 4500+?

she doesn’t do well. she excels, at least, i think so.


Can be really unpleasant to deal with regardless of attack colour in my experience, If he were average he would be a horror, with all skills set to fast in the recents wars he was a weapon.

Leonidas gets even better in combination with Mist, she fast, fires her special and then your’re firing Leo into lower defence so he does more damage and hence heals more :wink:
Mine is at +7 but sharing emblems with Bera so it’s going to be a long road…

Yeah. Timing works with a lvl 23 mana troop. Actually, I have him on my autofarm team now, replacing Joon. I find that his self-healing and mana cut increases team survivability. I’m embleming him up now, at 14. I don’t have any other competing heroes right now, though would like to have your problem with Bera. :wink:

Bro, don’t share Bera emblems with Leo. Bera is an absolute beast at +20. She’ll be in every one of your lineups at that stage. The minor stat boosts to Leo is a drop in the bucket in comparison.

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My favorite underrated hero is anzogh, with boldtusk and Wilbur he turns into a hit all for 500 while healing that back to your team. That is a powerful swing in a battle and goes well with other red AOE hitters.

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Guardian Owl! That bird is a hoot!

Just kidding. Still sucks.

I’m just angry that I haven’t gotten the one Guardian I really want (Panther), but I’ve gotten two Owls and two Kongs. And a Chameleon, but that one I don’t mind so much.

I don’t really have a hero that I use consistently that everyone hates. Ares doesn’t get much love these days but as we seem to fight a ton of alliances using green tanks, I use him at least twice a week and I think he’s very good on offense. I can remember the days when he was a common tank and I was stoked to get him. Think he spent 6 months or so as my defense team tank. Seems so long ago now. But he’s still useful on offense. That’s my vote.

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Hansel is to this day my favorite 4 star hero. His special is clutch in stpping heroes like telluria, bk, or alfrike from getting there specials off. With his special allowing you to clear bad tiles to get a more favorable board, I feel hansel just doesn’t get the love he deserves


Kong is great, especially since he got the cleanse.


He is much better now. I have one at 3/70 for a while. I will get around to ascending him eventually. I have a sick roster of maxed red heroes so he hasn’t been a priority. He’ll get there.

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I too have one at 3.70. Unless an absolute monster of a red 5* drops before the 6th set of rings arrives, he is the next, before Baldur, Elena, Marjana and Azlar (all at 1.1). The last time, Gefjon landed in my stronghold and nicked the rings, and I was also seriously tempted by Baldur, but the next is probably his. I need that red 5* cleanse.

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True that, but I only have 2 holy Legendaries so Leo at least keeps his as I upgrade Bera with priority. I already use her for map stages, wars, tournaments, raids…

'I could be wrong … I could be wrong, I tell ya," but isn’t Bera purple?

Yes, but they’re both monks. They take the same emblems.

I’ll add baldur to this list.
I only have him at 3/67 but he is already winning me matches at top Diamond. I can’t believe how much that ongoing dot is underestimated, especially with buffs and debuffs… I can’t wait to see how hard he hits when maxed and emblemed


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