Heros that everyone Hates that *YOU* know are Underrated 👍

My fave is the 3* star hero, FishGirl! Actually goes by the name Melia. But that initial hit and then the +30% critical hit boost to all, makes her an absolute weapon. Everyone should have a FishGirl!!


That is freaking hilarious, nice work!! :rofl:


I have a Fish Girl, love her in rare tier challenge events and 3* tourneys.

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Honestly, I think Guardian Owl is underrated. He is not nearly as bad as people say he is.

He is incredible tanky (he can take two sniper specials and survive) and his damage when a few of his teammates are dead is not a joke. I have won loads of Guardian Owl versus 3 enemy heroes.

Due the lack of good holy five stars I’ve had him on my defense team +20 for a while. I stayed comfortably in 2400-2600 cup range.

Probably because he is underrated people forget he is there and don’t take him out soon enough. After that he just Killhare damages you but in stead of getting defense down he gets even more tankier.

I mean, Owl bad Small Giant plz buff xD (joke).


Leonidas is mine. Everyone ranks him on the bottom of the yellows, but someone who mana cuts 40% and self heals is always useful. Sure he is only average speed, but throw a 23 mana troop and you have a great mana controller. Someone who shines during rush wars.


I had no idea, most people just bung him left or right wing and he seems to just sit there to be a secondary target. Caveat, I don’t have him so can’t attest to anything else

He can be challenging as a lone survivor because of his special. But you just have to look at a couple of rankings, and see him placed as the second worst 5* holy.

The kicker is that Anchor ranks his Rush score as C, which makes 0 sense.
Sure he was one of my first 5* holy heroes, but I fell in the trap looking at rankings and thought that he was useless so I took a long time before I ascended him. Now he is starting to see a lot more use.

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Liked the ease of reading the second link. So, thank you for that one. For the most part I agreed but thought some were over ranked while others were underappreciated Imo. But then we all have our personal favourites and dislikes. Cheers.

We do, so that’s why I take these rankings with a grain of salt. Unfortunately, most don’t actually give in depth reviews and just give a number without explanation. I guess that makes it easier to compare, but doesn’t give much insight on why. The other factor is that not everyone has all the heroes, so they can’t just say, “I’ll hold out for the #1 ranked hero and ignore the others I have” and expect to progress far.

Excellent points. I have no dreams for getting many A grade heroes. Seems like am a solid B except for one A rated event hero.

I have my JF at +7 and will give him more and more emblems as soon as I can!!
I prefer him over GM

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Mine are:

Delilah - best healer in the game, not only that she heals the whole team but she also adds attack and defense with the minions, I am using two (17 and 19 emblems) in every stage I ever played on map since the start of Season 2.

Isarnia - she is the best hero I have and she is not fragile when emblemed

Natalya - love her, Nature boss killer

Gregorion - critical damage boost? Saved my ■■■ a lot of times.

Costumed Domitia - heh, she is not undereated, is she?

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That is fine, there are no A grade Heroes, any grading you ever see anywhere is BS.
Just ascend and put emblems on the heroes you like and don’t care about grading nonsense.
Have fun!


Well yes an no imo. There is a lot that is influenced by personal play style. For example, mono just hasn’t worked for me today but a slow hero just doesn’t work for as my style is quick dirty and messy. So I just decided to get even and have played rainbow which requires more ‘precision’ for want of a better word and takes longer. So a grade does mean something even if it is a subjective view.

PS, like your work. :slightly_smiling_face:


I would never consider Delilah underrated. Not only is she a healer, she’s a fighter. The amount of times she revives and then heals annoys me to no end.


I have a few that are generally disparaged, if not hated, on these boards…

Danzaburo - Before my roster outgrew him, the Nipple Rodent was a stalwart on my raiding teams. I had him fully emblemed. Very solid base stats, and two 5* specials in a 4* body. Sure, the freeze is annoying, but it’s only two turns. But rush of euphoria when that sword special goes off is amazing. Just killer. If not the sword, then the huge defense and mana boost keeps you alive. Long live Diaper Dan(z)!

Mok-Arr - Whenever I see two yellows on the opposite team, out comes Mok-Arr in my mono team. He hits harder than anyone against yellows, and not much below Killhare against everyone else. The shark bites.

Others that I really like have been mentioned like Grimble (the GOAT, in my opinion), Owl, Inari, and…

SLOW HEROES! They get so much grief, and when a new hero comes out, and it’s slow, it’s immediately branded as crap… “Nice special, but… he’s slow!” Some of my favorite heroes are slow-- Snow White, cAzlar, cElena, Heimdall, LotL, Owl, cIsarnia… there is a reason their specials are slow, they rock! Snow White hits harder than any hero in the game when fully charged, and it’s not even close. More love for slow heroes!


Agree with that. The additional part that took me long to observe was the mana generated for killed minion. That saved me a lot.

natalia ?
No chance against Aeron :slight_smile:

Dropping in a hooray for Danza. There was a period in my life when I relied on him. Even with the possibility of freezing, he was a very good team member.

This is a joke, right? He may not fit your playstyle, but he is far away from being trash.

And he actually became more relevant with the Morlovia drainers around, since he first cleanses them and then starts healing at the end of the turn, rendering the drain useless.

But that’s off topic.

My underrated hero is Margaret.

She is extremely useful to face heavy sniper teams, and, due to her high attack stats, for titans.

Yes, she is far from the best green hero, but also far from the worst.

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