Heros that everyone Hates that *YOU* know are Underrated 👍

Welcome to the butter side up opposite version of @JonahTheBard ‘s post that I inspired by my deep insight about CRigard and how he’s actually trash.

Who are the heros you’re embarrassed to tell everyone you think are awesome? Tell us here and bring your secret shame into the light.

Here’s some of mine:

  1. Noor

I LOVE Noor, I use her with emblems and she’s both fun and great protection. With Freya they can melt a team away with little minion love bites in a way that’s deeply satisfying. In the Ninja tower when heal over time trash like Rigard is crippled by the erratic time, Noors minions are just as strong as always!

  1. Zocc

I was so so on him until I started playing him more in challenge events and the tower. I need more tonics because even at 3/70 he’s deadly and FUN

  1. Natalya

Just kidding she’s trash.

  1. Slow heros

So many people just write off any hero that isn’t fast, but I love my slow team. My whole main defense is slow or very slow, aside from Athena at average. Alfrike, Heimdall, CVivica, CElena. How many raids have I done where I almost die and then when I charge up the other team falls down drunk in 2 seconds. I love getting the raid down to time and fighting and im always ready for the rush tourney - You’ll never have more fun in a raid than Alfrike set to six tile charge.

That’s mine - what’s yours?



Burn! And it’s uncleanseable…


Kelile - yes, the one from Destiny’s Child who isn’t Beyonce or the other one. Constantly in the shadow of Scarlett, who’s made of so much glass she has to be put in a separate recycling bin. People whinged for years about a lack of red snipers while completely ignoring this serviceable hitter. Nowadays she buddies up with Tyr and still does marginally more damage and has a stackable DoT. You can burn while you bleed out, suckers.


Agreed, he’s an Area for the age of Emblemmed epics.

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I’m going to throw one out that I know some like and some don’t. He is what he is and people like to bring how good he was in beta, but too bad kids, he is who he is now. And that is the whelming Jean-Francois! People focus on one or two things but he does a LOT!

People say, his damage is weak. But he doesn’t hit you so that burn sneaks right under that rispote without harming you in return. His turning a defense down enemy into a big defense up is crucial, and when on defense he makes you “hold your fire”. His other 2 skills are often forgotten but gigantic. 1. The plus 94% defense against ice, you can turn a massive Alice snipe into a Gato paw swipe. 2. The elemental critical change for all fire allies. I was using fred snipers on green titans forgetting he give this boost for 6 TURNS. Improved my green titan damage by a lot and with him being fast, it pretty much keeps the crit chance on full-time after he fires the first time.

Cheers to the French Cowboy!


I am looking at Zocc with envy whenever I see him in the opposite team, and try to take him out as soon as possible. I cannot give greater compliment to any hero.

My candidate (please don’t laugh too loud, you’ll hurt your throat): COLEN.

In my red 4-1, he still holds his place beside Gefjon, BK and Grazul (the fifth is someone with a good heal or MN). I love his DoT: most of these days’ beloved defence teams have no cleanser. And that fighter talent of reviving! Charmingly annoying for the enemy, especially if MN adds hers. I had many a triumphant moment watching him to come back from ashes, full of mana, and wipe out Finley, Killhare, Frigg, Odin or several ninjas. Hah! See?! The vengeance of the despised, forgotten S1 four-star!!!


I think we all enjoy a good Colen cleanse every now and then.


I hate facing him. He always messes up my CViv so I try to off him first. He’s also the HOTM when I started the game, and the only one I’ve missed in that time, have at least one of them all since then. Telly was my first 5* so I just got real lucky on when I started playing, but I’d love to get JF someday

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DoT is damage over time. His burn DoT could be cleansed, but fortunately, a lot of these defences have no cleanser! So Colen rocks. Once his DoT is on, it stays on.

I’d add Grimble to the list, even before than Bera and Freya came up.

I remember that when he was released as a HOTM in December 2019, he used to be really hated. A lot of people talk about Skadi as a minion counter, but Grimble gets rid of all minions in one shot and if there are enough, you can earn an extra turn.


I know I was just making an enema joke, I guess it was a crappy one tho :upside_down_face:


Ops. Late evening here where I am. I should probably go to sleep.


I wish my Colen would cleanse. Sometimes I just go with Elenama.


Agree with all your points above.

Wil also add

  1. Myztero

Lots of complaints about him dying from a gentle breeze, and some specials missing him, and not being able to cleanse himself, and being “niche”, and being “dependent” on other heroes to be useful. Well he is only as dependent as one of the best heroes in the game - Skadi. She won’t work without putting together a team that will keep her alive and removing her obstacles towards her doing the minimum damage for a good stack. In fact this whole game is about putting together teams that have great synergy and complement each other. Just as Skadi, who is a great hero, can win a raid with her special, so can Myztero. I did a comparo of Myztero vs Lady Loki, who is also considered a great hero, and they came out dead even by my reckoning. Different, with some pros and cons, but both very powerful:

Yes he is niche, but its a pretty extensive niche. And so is Skadi niche, so are a number of other great heroes. In fact I think it is healthy for the game to have more great heroes that are niche as that will promote challenge and balance and variety, more so than having plug and play OP heroes.

Emblems fix his (slight) fragility. And in regards to specials missing - it is covered in the comparo above, but for every hit 2 that miss him 3 hit him and he sends them back to all and for full damage. And don’t forget the 1/5 chance of returning a single hit ailment which can have a huge impact…


Norns, she hits like a truck and help a loot making heroes vunerable


Gregorion - He is very underrated imo. He is included in my personal best blue titan team, that critical buff can be really destructive in combination with elemental and regular defense drop, he is very handy for hard stages of s2 and s3 in combination with Isarnia/Athena. Not the greatest hero for raids/wars, but there are worse.

Horghall C - he is a solid tank, if you don’t have any better option, mainly when you can make him average mana with mana bonuses, though I think I prefer regular druid version for tank and his costume version for offense. I’m liking my Horg C Brynhild Bertila combo in offense a lot. I wouldn’t ever advice maxing him without costume though, unless you are flooding in 4* materials and have nothing better to max

Inari - she was long time my only non-S1 yellow hero and tbh she saved me a lot with her dodge. I do think she’s too underpowered for current meta though and with my recent luck of getting Onatel and Drake Fong, I do actually think of reseting her and give emblems to other rogues that I use more.

Queen of Hearts - I don’t think this lady gets much love, cause yeah, there’s BK, but I don’t have BK. I think I’d still use her a lot even if I owned BK. She’s one sturdy lady that can simply sacrifice herself for the team. I never had emblems for her, cause I think she didn’t need them, but she’s my next paladin candidate after Frida. I’d consider going defense/health with her, so she has higher chance to survive a sacrifice :smiley:.


definitely agree with Inari and Gregorion.

Inari’s dodge is amazing, and when comboed with, say Joon’s blind… I’ve had raids where my entire team misses being hit by an Isarnia or even Frigg special! the minions and their mana gain are nice too.

Gregorion’s crit hit chance is nice for sure.

I will add MARGARET. Even before her buff, I used her all the time. She protects my frailest heroes very well, there are times when she and her flanks dodge three or four sniper hits in a row :slight_smile: the little mana boost that comes with it is helpful too, have won a few battles because Hansel or Proteus or Melendor charge because of the dodge.


I’ve got QoH as well and when I combine her with Wilbur, she makes that the special enemy attacks deals really low damage.


To me, Isarnia and Gormek.

Isarnia is slow and fragile yes. But her status debuff is long and nasty. I pair her with Alfrike and could finish off S2 hard and S3 with her. I emblemed her full defense and now she can take a hit. I combine her with Ariel and Alfrike. Slow heroes getting faster and faster with the mana regen…

Gormek, I thought he would become useless when I got a Wilbur. After trying both, I feel Gormek is easier to use as a debuffer. He doesn’t shine offensively or defensively… Still, I find him very helpful because he pairs well with Falcon, GM and Scarlett. He’s a survivor and I can usually bring him against high TP defenses.

I like to stack mono red and I don’t have a dispeller so Wilbur can make me lose games where Gormek could effectively debuff 3 (or more with the new raid formations) any time he’s ready to fire. For war I prefer to have a Gormek although I know most people favor Wilbur.


One more on my side: Raffaele.

Cannot even get why the hate. Ok, Ariel is better as blue healers go. But I don’t have Ariel, and Raffaele saved my butt many a time. First he saves the team from imminent death by healing not just some little amount but up to half health. Then heals them over time for another not insignificant amount. And he is nearly unkillable with his def and health. As for speed, you can help him with mana troops or mana boosters, not to mention some board skills!

Long live Raffaele!


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