Heros' Special power


I have a issue with special power of holy Hero’s. I got 2 hero from yellow category. “Bane” and “Kailani”. There both special power is stuck at 6/8 even when they both are Max out. I have used same color all the time to level all my heros (i.e yellow for yellow and red for red and so on). I am still training these hero for their special power to Max out . But the problem is special power do not improve no matter how many people I trained them with. It frustrating, please help.


Try feeding 10 heroes to them for better chances at skill up. I have guys that are 4/8 and stuck there and already at max level for weeks. It really sucks but I have guys that max out within first ascension so you just got to keep trying.


Do make sure that you did the mini update as well! There was an issue after version 1.4 came out, and it would still be a problem for you if you haven’t done the update. Otherwise, it’s just bad luck… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Definitely feed your hero 10 cards at a time; you get a better chance if at least some of these are 2* heroes.

What I have found is that sometimes I will level up even if I’m using “the wrong colors”. I’ll start with maybe six of the same color cards and finish with four other cards (I’ll do this several times).

Surprisingly, sometimes my hero will level up on a multi-color feed. NO clue why this also works, but good luck, no matter which way you try…patience is the key!


When you feed they tell you the percentage chance it will skill up. If you feed 10 one star cards of the same color you get 20% chance. If you use 2* and 3* cards you can get it up to 30%, if you use the same character card you get 25% for each one. I’ve had a skill up fail at 85% and had it skill up at 15% before. It all random chance so best thing to do is keep feeding, the more you do it the better chance you have.


Jaz, have you noticed a better chance at lower skill levels? Because I seem to skill up at around 15-24%ish


It all random. Sometimes I get skill ups using all different colors and then sometimes I don’t get skill ups using all same colors with higher percentages 5 or 6 times in a row. It all depends on your luck.


I’ve always thought certain heroes were harder to level. I have no proof, I have never asked others their experiences or opinions, I just felt that way. :yum:


Thankyou very much guys for the support. I trained my hero with ten 2* card and special skill did improve. Once again thank you all.


My Gunnar is fully leveled/ascended, and only 3/8 special. I find this betrayal of the cards particularly painful…Level, dammit! :grin: