Heros special more than it should

I have seen that Heros in Raids does more than thay should. Dominita and Lianna despel buff from ex. Kirils attack and defens. Gravemaker drains mana by 50%. Have any more seen this more than My Friends in our alliance? Ill keep an eay on more of this and post it as soon I have some printscreen.

@cptred It sounds like you may be describing the effects of the new talents. Your descriptions are not exactly as the new talents work, but it may look the same. Here’s some examples.

Lianna is a Ranger. A hero with this talent has a chance to bypass defensive buffs like Kirils.

Domitia is a Rogue. She has a chance to dodge hits.

Sadly, I don’t have GM, but there is a class of heroes (sorcerer) with the talent that drains mana by 50%. My guess is he’s part of this class.

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