I bought 3 heros for 150 each using gems last week but was not able to receive each one of them they are Ulmer and Balthazar under daily summon. Now 11/29/2017, I bought gems from an epic offer which was on sale. After that, I once again purchased a new hero under elemental summon which is Joon but instead receive Bane which I already have. I hope you could be able to fix this and provide me my chosen heros.


Summon gate clearly says that you get a hero “at random”, you can’t choose.
Even if you use your gems with a Joon on the screen, it doesn’t mean you receive that hero. (otherwise, who wants to choose a 3* hero?)

Btw, wth happen to Jahangir face? °_°


He and Grimm got updated art in 1.9

Duh, it creeps me out.
Poor thing, why?

Anyone else similarly “updated?” goes to read the notes

I’ve heard that people thinks lines are softened like on brienne’s skull or prisca’s face but I don’t see a difference there

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