Hero's not functioning correctly

Hello, I recently used Caedmon during a titan battle with Ancient Tiger. He usually removes buffs like counterattack. He did the 1st time I used him; however, it only worked one time.
2nd issue. I just acquired Ares. I was using him on one of the new night stages-not a boss stage- everytime I use his special and any hero gets hit on the next round, everyone loses their buffs from him. 10/5/18 @ 7:45am EDT. Thanks for looking into this for me.

1, we’re you using wukong? As the dispel can miss.

2, that’s how the special night stages work. Buffs/debuffs only Last 1 turn.

As @EvilSmoothie said your issue could be this:


On Magic Night’s stages allied status effects (buffs on you and debuff on foes) only last one round.