Heros needs buffers

Dear world of empires, I write this statement to express my dissatisfaction with the game because of its injustices that you are commenting on with the small investors that are in the game, we know that you advocate for your interests, which is money and we are not advocating our interest that would be to have good heroes to compete with others. That said, what I mean with small investors is that within the game we have players who invest a considered amount in it, be it € 15 or dollar and an average of that amount but … what you overlook is that we We do not get money from the sky, we are not millionaires, or anything like that, we earn an honest living and because we like the game we invest to improve our teams but you do not know what we have had to sacrifice to be able to do it, Yesterday I did around 16 invocations and they were all garbage heroes (as we commonly call) that is not fair in my opinion, besides that you see and keep the investment records that we do, they should be more fair with the players that we invest They should at times put themselves in our places, not only give the good heroes to the players of the great alliances, nor repeat the hero of the month up to 5 times to a single player, I pi I think you should have more consideration with us … I hope to be taken into consideration … thank you very much

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Honestly, I don’t want to get deep in this discussion, as it has been done hundreds of times.
But the summons are fair, as the odds are the same for everybody.

What you are asking for are better odds, but better odds could also turn the whole situation upside down and benefit the bigger spender.

To be clear you are not investing in the game, you are gambling on pulling a 5* hero.

The odds are posted on each portal and there is a thread about Gacha Games in here.

Suggest you familiarize yourself with both.

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