Heros. Need help with heros and who to use

Need help with which heros to use or level up. Stuck??

Very nice roster for your young team.

The best heroes to level currently are: Marjana and Evelyn. Give these 2 some treats.


However, 2 heroes don’t make a team, so you need to put something compatible together.

I’d go for this (for now):


Some people will suggest Kashrek to the central, but with your luck, you will get more top 5* s very soon and he’s just 4* tank with no other use. If you live with marjana in tank for now, you will get some special 5* tank in the future (e.g. Guinevere).

It seems you’ve fallen into the usual trap!
You’ve pulled the trigger early on in your empires life and spent money on getting hero’s!
That’s great but your city isn’t ready, and you lack materials to push your 5* hero’s any further than 2/60!
Don’t panic it’s easily rectified
Firstly you need to understand that the best route to unfarmable materials is rare quests, events, titans, and chests…
Now you know that, you need to think accordingly, to complete quests and events, hit titans hard, and help your alliance your first target should be this…
Lvl a robust 3* team with this you complete the rare stages of events, farm all stages on map up until province 15 season 1, something like bane hawkmoon brienne belith valen is a good start… Also known as a rainbow team with 2 healers… There’s many different teams you can build first but the above would be a great start!
Then you learn to accept that until your cities ready lvling a 5* team is the very definition of a face-palm… It will stall your progression and take way to long, 5* are awesome and will be your end goal, but there are steps to take first, which the game is designed to stop you skipping
After you’ve built your first rainbow 3* team, you can either build a 2nd 3* team to help you in events or start on a 4* rainbow team…
You can push 4* hero’s to 3/60 without needing unfarmable materials, this is good, because while your lvling them you can develop a game style… Once you get your style you can decide which 4* hero’s you push to 4/70 and which ones your happy to leave at 3/60… I’d suggest before lvling your 5* hero’s you target getting 10 4* hero’s to minimum 3/60 ideally 5 of those you max out to 4/70…
By now you’ve built up a good city to stronghold lvl 20, a training center to ideally lvl 19 and a good stockpile of the materials required to look at your 5* hero’s and lvl your first 5* rainbow team!
Welcome to e&p enjoy the ride and be patient, it might take 6 months before you look at those 5* hero’s but by the time you do, your have had lots of fun along the way!
Good luck

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