Heros losing levels?

I am having a crippling and perhaps a game killing one.
In the last 2 days I have jumped in to the game to find that some of my cards (mostly from my team 1) have leveled Down to to 1.

I do no know how to duplicate this, but I did try. The first time it was a level ( somewhere between 28 and 35. It was a 4* Gormek. The second time is was 2 cards at the same time. Both Cyprian and Friar Tuck dropped to level 1.

First, I would really like someone to give me my levels on Two cards. I have already spent the cards to relevel Gormek. I do not know how to reimburse me for this. I bought LOTS of cards just to sacrifice them to getting him back. Maybe cash, though I think that to be the one you don’t use My second thought is some amount of summons. This would be the best one, I think…because I would allow me the same type of chance in order to recreate the cards I had. My third choice would be you just picking some of the cards that would approximately replace the lost levels.

I am happy to interact with you any time, and I will will be certain to respond to anything you send in a reasonable amount of time

Best wishes and my heartfelt gratitude for the work you do. I hope you can fix this quickly. Again,anything you ask I will answer asap.


That is a very strange behavior you describing.

  • I would strongly suggest that you link your game account by signing your google play/apple or facebook so you progress is save online, would prevent any local data issue with your device.
  • Are you sure you did not ascend those heros, when you ascend they start again at level 1 but with a higher tier so they are not weaker but stronger.

Thank you for your feedback. I have not ascended any of these cards, but that was a terrific idea, and I thank you for it!

Linking is something I hadn’t even considered. Again, my thanks!

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