Heros leveling up

After the new update. You guys made it to were when your leveling up we now reach max level before our heros specailty is even close to full power. Can we fix this ??? I feed 10 heros into mine and barley get it to 26% and it does level up the specialty at all

The chance to improve the special attack hasn’t changed. It is still 2% per star for same color feeders and 1% per star for off color feeders

I am having the same problem. No matter how many feeders I throw at them.

Have leveled up heros since update and havent had an issue. 4 and 5* both hit 8/8 by 3rd tier. If you’re leveling up 3*, just feed 1 1* at a time until special is 8/8 then feed it whatever after that.(just advice I’ve seen expressed to others, I’ve never worried about 3* since i havent used any in about 11 months

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Ive been trying the single feeder and full 10… Nope

Just do full 10x 1* same color. This has been repeated many times in other posts.

I only use 5 cards 1* and 2* mixed of the same color, never more than 5 or 10 cards. Why? because the chances of riding a special skill are more than giving 10 cards. all of my heroes succeeded this way :hugs::hugs:

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